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Software in designing an aircraft

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Depends on what you want to do, but some good ones for conceptual design are:








I like Roskam: http://www.darcorp.com/Software/


And when you get to the detail there is stuff like:







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The word 'Software' covers so many possibilities.


Are you looking for a simple 3D modelling program, or something that helps with theoretical size ratios of, say, main plane area to tail plane area in a certain configuration. This coupled to, say, lift of each plane and what changes as you increase engine power? If so, none that I know of but would be real interested to learn more. I'm not sure if readers will understand what I'm trying to say but a program where you can select you type (high wing, 2 seat tandem) Tailplane type (T, V, inverted V, H, etc), tricycle or T/D, Tractor or pusher, and any other design variant you can think of, then have the 'software' figure it out, with all aspects being proportionally dependent on all the others, what any change, big or small, will have on all the others and their combined effect on performance.


Does such a beast exist?



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i am designing a canard, canard control system and its control mechanism. the software is to helps me determine the design analysis and simulation wether my design can fly or not. it involved my thesis. i study in mechanical engineering but aerodynamic and aeronautic are not many resources in my area because my university is more to industrial......


i appreciates your help



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ijoi, I took a quick look at the links djpacro posted, and I'd suggest you take a close look at these.


They looked to me to be suitable for your engineered design as a starting point.


You can make a canard out of your hand and it will work, so it's all about what moment arm you are going to select etc.



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I appreciates djpacro post, i already take a look at those link ..


sadly to admit, my research are based on my own pocket money,


due to my status as a full time student, i cant afford to purchase those software,


shameless to say, i am really hoping for a low cost software....


i really cant afford expensive software......



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ijoi, Raymer has a student edition with the software included with his textbook at http://www.aircraftdesign.com/book.html - I hope that fits your budget.


ADS has a free trial version at http://www.pca2000.com/en/software/ads-demo.php some functions are disabled but you may be able to work around those for your project.



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