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First flight in a Warbird!


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This Saturday, my friend and I flew down to Lethbridge to visit his friend who owns a Winjeel. We were under the impression that he was doing some work on it - so we were happy enough to go down to talk to him and see the thing up close.


He really surprised us when he offered to jump in for a flight!!! We were even more impressed when we did some impromptu formation flying with the local joy flight provider.






Full story here, if you wanna.



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My Dad married a Warbird....we called her mum. 008_roflmao.gif.692a1fa1bc264885482c2a384583e343.gifAlan.

And what did her mum say... Nev

Oh, you guys!


Evan,Awesome write up mate, would have been fantastic in the Winjeel and what a bonus getting to fly the thing also.


I'm envious mate lol



Thanks Alf. Glad you liked the post!


How cool is that?! And Evan, your avatar is far and away, the best!David

Thanks David. It's that dangerous moment when boredom and Photoshop meet!



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