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New Nest needed! Do vampires nest?

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more like a new coffin (to rest in) is needed, ok that sounded really bad...


As of the 4th of June i will be based in Nowra... (promotion) and i am looking for hangarage in that area, i was thinking either Wollongong or Goulburn, as i work a 4 day week and usually fly on Fridays.


sadly looking at the VNC there is limited areas i can fly to 049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif especially with only a 2 hr endurance, it every trip will have to be a refuelling stop.


does anyone know of cheap hangarage in either of these areas? sadly i cannot use Nowra base as i am not in the Navy, same story at Willie, i was not a Raffie so i could not use the flying club facilities there... (considering my taxes pay for it all, i dont see why i cant use it)


Many have mentioned Jaspers Brush, but what is the likelyhood of getting clearances to fly from there on Fridays from Nowra control?



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the promotion is worth about an extra $300 a week. and i will be closer to Syd, and family. though i am going to push a little thing called workerforce mobility when i get there, so i might be able to spent time in Townsville, and back up here at Williamtown.


Though in about 7 weeks, i will be spending 6 weeks in Amberly for training course, at which time i will trailer the vampire up there hopefully find some short term hangarage so i can fly up there on weekends when im on course.



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Maybe have a talk to the guys in the museum on base and see if you can swing a deal?


Failing that, you may need to contact the guys operating out of Jaspers Brush?


You could get one of those 6mx3m portable carports from Super Cheap and derig onto the trailer into the shelter.


If so, it would pay to cover with shade cloth also, as the white covering supplied with those carports can't handle UV.


Also be aware of flooding!





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Guest J430

Hey Vampy, bring her over to YCAB when you are at Amberley, drop in for a cuppa with the boys.


Let us know when you get here;)





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I am looking forward to some time flying around SE QLD! i have driven through the place many time on my way to Maryborough, but only ever flown around Fraser Island when i hired a C172 from Hervey bay.


Whats hangarage like in Goulburn? this i am told is only about 1 hr from where i will be living (Culburra Beach) and thats about the same distance i travel from Nelson bay to Cessnock airport. Goulburn i think at this point in time would be ideal, as it brings a few more destinations south and west into range.


sadly i will Miss the Hunter region, and i will miss my weekend shopping trip into the vineyards to add to my cellar. the flying in this part of the world is stunning, and there is a great group of guys and gals in the Hunter recreational flying club.



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Goulburn !!


Comments on Goulburn


You're looking at $40 pw hanagarage minimum, but plenty available.


When you get those nice big highs coming over and the weather is going to be great for flying, you'll be fogged in till 11, so you cannot anywhere in a day.


Most other times its blowing a gale.


There may be dozens of 'planes hangared there, but if you go there to meet other flyers, forget it !


When I started to learning to fly I gave up trying to start there. I drove from Canberra to The Oaks every weekend.


The only thing going for it at the moment (for me) is that anywhere else is too far away.





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Hi Jack


I live at Leeton but periodically go over to Narrandera airfield (about 25 km) to have a fly (or just socialise) in the Tecnam P92 with Wally Rudin who has a pretty good reputation as an instructor. I was introduced and got my certificate to RAA flying at Griffith (58 kms from Leeton) with Ben Jones, a GA & RAA instructor and the CFI at Griffith, in a an early Jabiru belonging to Norm Raworth who is also going for his instructors rating and I started flying it when the clock was only showing 5 hours.


What I noticed about Narrandera was that some pilots or would be pilots would travel to Narrandera and stay in a pub there for about a week and do an intensive training session with Wally in the Tecnam for a week straight and go solo. I am not sure but I think Wally has also been known to travel from Narrandera to other venues to conduct intensive sessions there for individuals or groups for anything from a couple of days to a week.


Narrandera airport is about 5 kms from Narrandera as is the Leeton Brobenah airport from Leeton and the Griffith airport from Griffith.


I saw two people do this that I know of in my few visits. One was a senior Federal Police officer from Canberra and the other was was a Grazier from a property near Ivanhoe in North Western NSW. We are seldomly limited by fogs or strong winds in this area but it can happen but we are not in a valley. Of course Wally is still catering for the training and endorsement needs of the local pilots as well.


We are rejuvenating the Leeton Aviators Club (formerly the Leeton Gliding Club). We have a regular monthly meeting on the third Sunday of every month and a barbecue lunch after the meeting. We will eventually cope with training GFA and RAA pilots but are not doing so yet. At present we have one club owned and one privately owned GFA type aircraft and about nine locally based privately owned RAA or SAA aircraft with at least two more under construction.





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The chance of getting a hangar space in the Illawarra area is not good at the moment.In the future IRA will have a section set aside for the ultralights. Flying out of Jaspers is OK after 12pm Fridays till Sunday [no hangars there either for lease or sheds allowed to be built ] Cheers



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$40 a week isnt too bad, im paying $30 a week at cessnock. Hoxton park is out of the question at $350 a month.


Ill probably start out of Jaspers Brush, and keep the Vampire on the trailer for the time being, fortunately i will now have a nice big car port its fits in!


How long is the drive from Nowra to The Oaks?


though the VNC shows there is a CTAF at Robertson?? has anyone ever flown into this CTAF?



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yeah, i am only a structures guy here at williamtown, but in nowra i will be team leader and acting supervisor and senior signatory in the Composite repair workshops, supporting BAE, Tennix and Navy work.


Its a healthy pay rise, and fortunately i have long time friends in Culburra, so transport will be cheaper. and rent is cheaper...... but as i said before. i have never really been a fan of the south coast region... i have always been a north coast kind of guy.



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Well that's a nice thing to say about our beautiful part of the coast [but as i said before. i have never really been a fan of the south coast region... i have always been a north coast kind of guy.] might see what can be done to keep you up north. Cheers



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