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Which headset do you use?

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I have been contemplating getting a new headset, since the ones that they lend out at my flight school can be pretty bad, and then on a day like today you have the controller shouting back 'OKF please repeat', not good. At $100+ for a decent one, I need to know I am getting one that is well worth my hard earned cash. ;)


So here is my question to you, which headset do you use, and what is your opinion on it. Optionally, include the price if you want to.





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Guest pelorus32

This was done a while ago - maybe search for headsets and see what you get.


I use a set of David Clark H10-56HXL - ANR helicopter headset. Brilliant, not light but very good active and passive. Not cheap either.







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Guest Andys@coffs

I use Telex Stratus 50D's for me and for the passenger. These are ANR cpabale headsets and are absolutely fatanstic in sound quality, reduction of noise and comfortable fit.


These headsets cost a fortune in Australia, so I took a punt and imported from the USA. THe cost to me was significantly less than the Australian costs. Of course if I have any problems with them (and I havent) then your savings could be eaten up in freigth charges.


From my perspective, as a user of two types of headphones with ANR, the 1st in an open cockpit trike, I would recommend that whatever you do try and get an ANr capable headset, preferably one that can plug into a cigarette lighter socket for external power.


The place I purchased mine from was here (cheapest online prices I could find) . http://www.headsetsetc.com/aviation-headsets.html Absolutely flawless transaction. The trick from my perspective is to ask for US Post Airfreight with insurance. It will cost approx 50% of the cost of DHL or FedEx (which they'll use if you dont specify) and will include insurance. It may take a day or 2 extra but thats life.






P.S keep the total cust under AUD $1000 or you'll have to pay GST (No duty on Aircraft Parts). BTW the $1000 limit includes the cost of insurance and freight. If you go over $1000 then the customs paperwork and costs will add at least 10% plus a handling charge, and from a timing perspective, based on my experiences with other imports at least a week. That said $900AUD buys you a lot of headset



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Like Andy I also use the Telex Stratus 50D's. I use to have the Bose but find the Telex have a much "bigger" sound and doesn't have that honk sound when the ANR disables if you move your glasses etc - they just have a light ticking sound.


Also as Andy mentions getting them from overseas will save you money but that will disappear if you have a warranty problem not to mention the down time.


For a cheap pair there is always the Recreational Flying headset at only $110 which have become very popular and as quoted by many that use them "they are better then your $500+ David Clarks" - and they have a no questions asked 1 year clean swap warranty.


So in summary you have:


1. The low priced Rec Flying headsets


2. The general standard headsets from David Clark that range from about $500 to $1,300


3. The vast array of less popular but cheaper then David Clarks and starting at about $200 which are Pilot, Flightcom, Peltor, Avcom and many more


4. The top of the range ANR headsets from Telex, Bose and the 13x from David Clark which cost Australian $1,300+


You mentioned the ones from the flying school so I am guessing you are learning to fly so it makes it hard to know what amount of flying you will be doing to make the best choice when it comes to how much money you are willing to spend. As such, I personally would suggest more of a cheaper pair then say the expensive Telex, Bose etc at this stage of your flying. In a couple of years when you have an idea of how much flying you are doing you can then choose to upgrade or not but if you do upgrade you will always then have a spare for your passenger that you may take with you from time to time.


Hope this helps!



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Thanks everyone for your input, I really appreciate it. I will definitely keep that import suggestion in mind Andy, I never even though it was an option. I think what Ian said is true though. At the moment, I am only flying once a week, and each lesson is about an hour long, I am looking at going twice a week but that is still a way off. So a simple recreational headset would do me well.


I also did a small search on the web for this, and found this article: http://www.aopa.org/pilot/features/2001/headsets.html


It is extremely informative, and helped put all your suggestions into perspective. Maybe we can have this link put up somewhere for students like me who have no idea about headsets?


Thanks again for all your help, it's greatly appreciated. 018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif



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I bought flightcom before I knew about Ian's shop. They have performed pretty well but the mike boom kept slipping so a call to the manufacturers as to how to fix the problem. They said they had a prob;em batch of nuts and sent me spares. The only problem is you have to dismantle the earpiece, remove speaker, wires and insulation to replace the nut. A prime example of poor design, it could have had a friction control screw externally and will have if the problem recurs.



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