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Hi All


I am about to develop the Links Page of this website - part of the "Tools" menu item and would like to get your ideas of what links I should have on the page.


Aircraft manufactures/importers/distributors etc will be listed on the Aircraft pages so I am after links that would not be on the Aircraft Page.






Air Services




As always thanks for your help! :big_grin:



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Weather link


It's fine in its own way Ian, by way of interesting bits of information for general consideration & discussion, but I am thinking more operationally I think what I am asking for is probably impossible to provide under the present structure. That is a descriptive overview of a designated area, with air mass analysis,frontal activity,presence of smoke,inversion levels, areas of turbulence, (local) provision of wind forecast direction that is some where near right. If the forecast wind is not correct, then what else can really be relied on, as obviously the MSL isobar depiction is so fundamental to forecasting. I think the computer has a guess at it most of the time. We had better local forecasting 25 years ago ,than we get now. More observer stations than now, I suspect, and more aerosonde balloons, pilots were encouraged to give airep's & they were acted on etc. Don't lie awake at night thinking about it, but I can always hope. Regards Nev....



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The other reason why I am after the links is that I am putting together a Recreational Flying Toolbar for those that want to install it and make their browsing a more enjoyable experience and have direct links to aspects of this site no matter where they are surfing on the web.


here are some screen shots of the toolbar to date - Note the email settings and weather locations are customisable for yourself:

















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Guest Fred Bear

Awesome ideas Ian. Anything else for us Aerosexuals is always most welcome. Maybe a sub-heading titled members web pages or something similar would be good too as we (well some of us) have stacks of recreational aircraft pics etc on our personal pages. I don't know about a link to other forums though :;)4:;)



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Brilliant idea, the toolbar is also a magnificent idea. :big_grin:


Apart from the links you mentioned, here are some I think would be nice.


Detailed weather forcasting




For the flight sim enthusiast




Aeroclub and Flight school directory




Australia AOPA




Student Pilot Experiences




Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. (Worldwide Distributor of Aircraft Parts and Pilot Supplies)






Avery Tools






Wicks Aircraft Supply






Huge links database





Demystifying Headsets




That's all I could come up with at the moment, as I come across more interesting ones, I will let you know. :big_grin:



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