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RF Fly In - Competition Format

Guest Booker YPMQ

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Guest Booker YPMQ

I have previously posted this in an existing thread but I want to get some feedback on the format fairly soon. Cheers Adam.




Hi all,


I've just read through the suggestions for the flying comp to be held on the Saturday. Some pretty good ideas and some pretty scarry ones too.


Geroge Northey and I will be running the comp and acting as the inflight judges.


We have kept the sequence very short as there will be a lot of participating pilots in a lot of varying aeroplanes.


The comp will consist of a blind circuit with a glide from base to try and land in boxes on the ground to gain maximum points. Each section will be judged indivually with the trophies being awarded for the best blind circuit and the best spot landing score. There is also a trophy for the best overall points score.


In a little more detail:


The Blind Circuit


Pilots will nominate speeds for climb, downwind and final. Before the the take off run the judge will cover the instuments with a cloth or something similar (This will be removed on base or at any time the pilot or the judge deems it necessary for safety). Points will be awarded for the following: Climb out control - Climb speed (as nominated) - Crosswind turn commenced at 700' - Leveling off acurately at 1000' - Mid Downwind speed (as nominated)- Mid downwind height (1000') - Pre Landing Check completed - Base Turn completed at 1000'.


And there endeth the Blind Circuit


The Spot Landing (Glide)


When established on base following the blind circuit, the cloth covering the instruments will be removed and the pilot will then be asked to cut the power at such a position as to make it to the "50 box". This is a test of the pilots skill and knowledge of his/her aeroplanes gliding performance. A perfect score will be awarded for a glide approach & landing in the 50 box. Points will be awarded for boxes either side the 50 box. (40, 30, 20). The use of power will disqualify a competitor BUT. SAFETY IS THE FIRST CONCERN SO USE POWER IF IT IS REQUIRED! (It's only a stupid trophy!. Sorry Ian).


I hope that sounds ok. I know it's short but there will be a lot of competitors. I look forward to meeting you all.


Good Luck



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The thing is with comps not to take them too seriously, by all means learn and enjoy yourself but at the end of the day it doesn't matter a rodents sphinkter who come first or last.


Not everyone wants to fly competition stuff, me I'd rather just enjoy looking at different Aircraft and just generally buzzing round.



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That's right SP - it's all about having some fun and at other times I have been in comps we always end up laughing about something. At Port last time a student won the competition over all the seasoned pilots - and the student was a girl 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif - no offence to the female gender intended



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Guest Booker YPMQ
I just hope they are cardboard boxes!

That would be sort of funny I guess. The baxes will be denoted by witches hats and maybe flour for the main box.

Everyone get out there and practice glide approaches from base.



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