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Lowrance Airmap 2000C


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I have purchased a Lowrance Airmap 2000c International Version. The SD card that has been supplied is only small. I have purchased a new 1 Gig card and would like to transfer the Maps to the new card. I am aware that the Jeppesen Charts and the Terrain awareness file will have to be purchased again to fit on to the new card. The maps that come with unit are for the rest of the world with exception of the USA. On the supplied card there is only one map file. When i use the Map Create program to put the new maps on, my computer only hangs up. Has any one else been able to move the maps over.



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Ian - Cant help u with your question - but I'd be interested in what criteria u used fr selecting yr Airmap - and what others u considered.


And, in time, your user experience, if you care to post that at some stage...







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I looked around at most of the units available. I like the Airmap 2000c for a number of reasons. I purchased the International version while on holidays in the USA. It cost me $795.00 US dollars that converted back us Aus $1030.00. The same unit in Australia sells for about $1700.00. It came with the latest Jeppesen Charts and the Terrain awareness for most of the world and has a base map of the world. The maps of Australia are about 50 years old but the details are still good enough to be able to fly to most area with ease. You can put your own way points into the unit, so if the map is incomplete you can still use the unit to get to where you want to go. The screen is big enough but not to big to fit most Ultra light panels. You can buy a docking station for the unit that allows for easy removal.


The unit that I would have liked is the Avmap, but with a price tag of around $2200.00 I could not justify the increased outlay.


I am still finding different ways to use the unit with it many types of screens, from full maps to split screen to HSI and the Terrain with Airspace displays, very good when you are flying near controlled airspace. It will pop up a screen to alert you that you are about to enter the controlled airspace. It also has a graphical section with the relevant height restrictions for the area a head. When flying with most of the displays the terrain awareness will turn the areas in your flight path red if your height is lower than the object or area that you are flying towards.


With the push of two buttons you bring up the entire registered air strip in the Ersa that are close to your locations (very good in the case of an emergency). And then set up a navigation track to that air strip.


The Airmap is supplied with a list of extras, it comes with an external antenna, yoke mount, 12 volt power cord, suction cup mount, plastic cover and the Map Create program (Very detailed maps of the USA. good if you live in the USA). The unit has 4 AA batteries but they will only last about 2 hours, good for setting up the unit in the lounge chair before take off, so they recommend that the external power cord be used.


The colour screen is easily seen in day light.


You can also purchase Marine navigation charts and just insert the card into the unit and then use it in the boat. It is water resistant (to a depth of 1 mtr for thirty minutes I think).


So far I am impressed with unit. It has not let me down yet.


I have seen other units like the Enigma that has a map and flight and engine monitoring all in the one unit. I personally like to have a separate unit so as not to be changing screens all the time to monitor maps and engine.


On the Lowrance web site you can down load a simulator and tyr some of the fearture on your computer before you make up your mind.


Hope that this has helped you.


Here are some of the different displays



















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Thanks for the detailed run-down! It sounds like the goods... I assume if it is bought in OZ, then the OZ maps are more current than 50 y.o. (?)


Can you say why you would have preferred AvMap (apart from the price..)?







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I believe that the Airmap 2000C that is sold in Australia has the same maps as the one that I have purchased in the States. Before I purchased it I went to some length to make sure of it. I also have three other friends that have the same unit, 2 purchased in OZ and one from the States. They all seem to have the same maps. One of the things that you will notice is the absence of Lake Wivenhoe just out side Brisbane. It just isn’t there, but the Atkinson Dam is shown. Lake Wivenhoe was built less than 50 years ago.



As for the Avmap. The reasons that I like it is because it has a bigger display and the ability to split the screen is also plus.


It has the same Terrain Awareness but it has the Low Airways included.


It also has the ability to be used in portrait mode.



Not like the Airmap, the all of the accessories have to purchase separately.


It can be used on your knee (knee pad sold separately) or you can mount it on a raised knee board (sold separately). I do not believe that it come with any mounting hardware (Yoke mount).


The size of the unit is good for reading, but it make the mounting into a panel of a small ultra light difficult.



The Airmap 2000C has performed all of the tasks that I have put to it. And at the cheaper price I am happy with the purchase.



I hope that this has been of some help



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The Avmap comes with a kneepad as part of the deal.


Also included is a cigarette lighter power supply.


You can buy a lead from Ian to connect it to your computer. A similar lead can be modified by connecting it to a 12volt wall plug to run it in your office so you can practice at home. Batteries last about 10 minutes I'd say.


Knee pad connects to the GPS with double lock velcro, and with the strap removed, the plastic connector pad from the knee pad can form the base for a mounting system.


Alternatively, two pieces of aluminium channel fit nicely into the back of the GPS and can be held there with double lock velcro. A piece of plate pop rivetted to the channel then gives a very good base to mount the unit.



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Guest browng

I too have a 2000C, and am curious as to why you feel you need a larger card? As well as the supplied Jeppeson and terrain data, I have the entire contents of the Country Airstrip Guide, the entire ERSA airport data, (saves updating the Jeppeson database unless airspace changes), virtually every VRP in Australia, about 100 personal waypoints, and around 30 complex routes, all on the standard card. I chose the 2000C because I can read it without my glasses! I'm very happy with it, and it comes with every accessory you can imagine, slip-on hard screen cover, soft case, a RAM yoke mount that can also be used to clamp to any handy tube, an external antenna, a 12v cable, a computer USB SD card reader, and data management software. The only thing is doesn't come with is a computer data cable, but this is not really required as you simply take home the card instead of the entire unit, plug it into the supplied card reader, and transfer data in either direction.



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Guest browng
Hi BrowngWhere and how did you get the country airstrip and ersa data into the airmap?


Neither is a simple process unfortunately. The ERSA data is exported from the file provided by Aerial Pursuits for their 'Ultranav' flight planning software. You do end up with two versions on the GPS though, the Jeppeson one, which may be out of date if you haven't paid for the update, and the 'user' version. You just have to be sure to use the 'my waypoints' version for navigation. Unfortunately the Country Airstrip Guide is initially a matter of evenings sitting manually entering the data. From that point you just need to update the changes with each new edition. I ought to add that I only have the WA version installed complete, although I do have a fair number of selected strips installed from the other versions as well. One criticism I do have of the 2000C is the ridiculous cost of an extra 12v power cable, with postage you are looking at close to $90! Unfortunately the plug at the unit end is special, so if like me, you want to use it in two aircraft and build the power cabling in, you just have to bite the bullet and pay up. If anybody knows of a 3rd party supplier of these cables (or plugs) I will be a happy man.



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I have the Airmap as well. I haven't tried loading much information in there though, thanks for the info.


I chose the Airmap because it has so many good features, and the suction cup mounting bracket is great for canopy aircraft. Just stick it on the canopy to the side and turn the unit around. You then have a big display which doesn't cover any instruments.


It's not as intuitive to use as the Garmins but once you know which buttons to push it is OK.


The database is good enough, but pretty basic for Australia compared to the US. I guess we just don't have the population to warrant the cost of producing it. The airports, navaid etc information is great but the geographical information is pretty basic. There's a great option in flight planning to enter a waypoint wherever you put the cursor, but if the town you want isn't shown on the map you can't do that unless you guess the location or work out the exact position.


Why is it though that Jeppesen include IFR waypoints on the database, but not Aussie VFR waypoints, when it is a VFR GPS?! In the US all the VFR waypoints are shown. VFR waypoints can be entered easily enough but it would be nice if they were included.



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I have been looking for a program to up/down from my Lowrance airmap 2000. I have come across one (Freeware) at the following site http://www.gpsbabel.org/.


I have been able to up/down load my Way points, Routes and Tracks and then show them in Oziexplorer. I have also created my flight plans using Ultranav and then up laoded them to Oziexplorer, laid them over the VTC or WAC chart, checked them and then up loaded to the Airmap.


I hope that this may help you.


Ianrat :)



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I upload all of my data from Oziexplorer to the the SD Card for the Lowrance using their USB Card Reader supplied with the GPS. I also export all of my waypoints for my route plans through to Ultranav for flight plan calcs. It is a bit cumbersome.


This seems to work well - I am using a Lowrance 600C. I have found the Lowrance to sometimes get a little tempramental on startup especially when the battery starts running down.


I really do long back for my Garmin which could interface directly with Oziexplorer without having to remove a card....


I have been studying the market and intend trialing a Fujitsu Tablet in a ruggedised case interfaced to either a USB or bluetooth GPS receiver. Then I can actually follow the route using Ozieexplorer with an electronic kneeboard...


I have resorted to mounting the 600C on my basebar on my trike using the supplied Yoke mount - this works better than I anticipated with clear visibility for both pilot and passenger.







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Guest bushcaddy pilot

Cable manufacture "pfranc"


Evening Browng,


there was group of guys that I have used in the past that actually make there own cable fittings, from memory they are a world wide group of individuals that can actually manufacture "special" end plugs for things like PDA to GPS's to PC's etc, there name they use is pfranc just had a quick look and by the looks of it they do Garmin and Magellan but hey worth a try to see if they can do Lowrance.


Good luck


I have just downloaded that GPS Babel software as I also have a 2000C so will try and get some finer details on to mine





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