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Narrandera today


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Hi Crew


Today I had to stay home for a while to top up our water tanks from a small special watering so I did a little work on the J160 then it got to me.


Due to a violent attack of withdrawal pains I drove over to Narrandera AD 30 km to be confronted by Wally Rudin who had no one to fly with. Not only but also he had his brand new Jabiru J230C out of the hanger and ready to fly. So we had 0.9 hour dual touch & goes and a few steep turns to give Ted Celi's twin Jet room to land and then back to the gravel strip 05 for a full stop landing across the main strip 32 and back track up to 32 and back track to the hanger.


That was my first flight in a J230 (2 seater, 6 cylinder 3300 ccs). A very nice aeroplane so far in my limited experience. What I have noticed so far is greater performance in climb, more momentum in landing, need to round out a tad earlier than lighter Jabs. Wally's plane has a transponder, a Garmin 296, Glass flying instruments, plus steam gauges w/o VSI, fuel level display on panel plus sight gauges and a Y shaped stick with a press to talk button on each arm of the stick. It has electric flaps with an indicator on the RH forward door pillar. It has two good radios of which only one (at a time??) can transmit.


Some photos of Wally's new J230C with the sun setting over the YNAR terminal as I finished.


Wally's Tecnam's tail is in the LH side of the first photo.




As I started to drive out the private syndicate Narrandera J230C landed and taxied in to the hanger. Roger & Ian Duff had had a nice afternoon flying to Wangaratta then Yarrawonga then Narrandera.


Steve Beck (ahlocks) from Wagga (Wagga) together with his instructor Greg Wardman was also doing his thing in a brand new low wing Sportstar of which I did not get a photo while Wally and I were enjoying ourselves in the J230C.













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Hi Geoff


I forgot to take much notice of the "landing light" except that it has a clamp type mount around the strut similar to the alternative strut tie down points but I really did not take any notice. I only had time to take those photos. I shall have to get more detailed photos next time if I remember. I suppose it still has a hole in the strut for the wiring.


It was rapidly getting dark as I took those photos. I couldn't actually see any detail while doing the panel shots - just a black blob until the flash went off. (I've had the cataract removed and a lens implant that is fantastic)





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Steve Beck (ahlocks) from Wagga (Wagga) together with his instructor Greg Wardman was also doing his thing in a brand new low wing Sportstar of which I did not get a photo while Wally and I were enjoying ourselves in the J230C.


Hi Ross and group,


I've been meaning to post a 'skite report' but I've been as busy as a one handed paper hanger since 5059 arrived. ARGH! I've even lost the rego card for it. Bloody good safe place I've hidden it in.;)


Anyway, Here's some photos. I've got no idea how to add captions...:confused:


Cheers 'til later.



















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Is the J130 a long or short wing version. I am interested in others opinions of the long wing.

Hi Yenn It was a J230C and I cannot tell you whether it was short or long wing.


My guess based on the round out and its stable flight was that it's a standard short wing and very smooth to fly. It takes a while to stop sinking in the round out, full flaps - my first landing was firm with no float rather than a greaser.


I looked up the Jabiru web site and did not see any wing options for the Jabiru J230C although reading about the J170 further on the site it says that the J170 ... uses the longer wing of the J230 which would probably have needed a new wing configuration to keep the landing speed within allowable limits.




On checking the site further I see that the J230C and the J230 wing length specifications are different from the those quoted for the J170C and the J170.




And there are differences between the quoted wing lengths as opposed to the lengths including the winglets between the 170 and the 230 models.




According to the site the J170 wings are slightly longer than the J230 & J230C wings.




I have not taken the trouble to compare the wing areas etc which is probably pertinent to the argument.







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8-07-2007 Today at Leeton the rain gauge had about 4 mm in it from last night and the cloud base at Leeton was at about 600 AGL at 11:00.




I gave Wally at Narrandera a ring and decided to go to YNAR. As I drove in the gate at Narrandera AD Wally was about 10 m in front of me. We sat for a while in the MAC Club house with the cloud base still pretty low maybe 800 feet AGL but showing signs of improvement. Steve? arrived with the barbecue meat (every 2nd Sunday of the month) plus Roger, one of his syndicate Jab 230 mates, and they had a fly in their AC. A few others turned up as well as the CTSW from Wagga.




Wally took me up again in the J230C for my second flight in it and got out after half an hour or so and left me to it. I did two more circuits solo and as the windsock was starting to get that iron bar look across the strip decided discretion was the better part of valour and returned to the terminal area. The gravel cross strip was too wet from the rain over the last few days and the REX RPT was soon due.




The cloud base was about 2,000 ft AMSL during my flights (lots of carby heat).




I took a few photos of Wally's Jab 230C with power on the panel plus a couple of shots of his Tecnam P92 & panel plus another AC in the hanger and the neat tool for dragging it around. I think they paid $US700 for it a few years ago.




The J230C engine choke control and electric flap control are both hidden behind the PIC's forky stick.




J230C Panel[ATTACH]2556[/ATTACH][ATTACH]2557[/ATTACH][ATTACH]2558[/ATTACH]Tecnam Panel[ATTACH]2559[/ATTACH]


Tecnam Chocks [ATTACH]2560[/ATTACH]Handy Gear [ATTACH]2561[/ATTACH][ATTACH]2562[/ATTACH][ATTACH]2563[/ATTACH]


The handy gear has forward & reverse gear plus engage disengage the hookup all from the T handle. It has a petrol (according to the owner ULP or AVgas?) powered rope start Briggs & Stratton motor.



















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