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Aircraft for Hire or Loan

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Hi everyone,


I’m on the bludge – and sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but…


Does anyone know of any aircraft for hire or loan in the Sydney area – Bankstown/Hoxton/Camden/The Oaks/St Marys/Wedderburn/Katoomba/Other.


I am an RAA licensed pilot (PRXT), and my wife and I are keen to fly our great state, and nation, on a semi regular basis (say every 2nd or 3rd weekend). This is in anticipation of buying our own in the next year or two, but in the mean time want to fly regularly.


I am looking for some kind soul who owns an aircraft, whom I can develop beneficial/financial/happy relationship with, in return for use of their aircraft. I can offer all sorts of incentives – cash / beer / wine / bananas / bad jokes / a smile !! Whatever will get the deal over the line.


I’m sure there are people out there that don’t get to fly as often as they want, and their poor little aircraft sits lonely in the hangar wanting to be set free more often than it is now.


I am endorsed both on the Jabiru, and the Fly Synthesis Texan TC, but am willing to consider other aircraft types, just as long as it’s got 2 seats, and is suitable for cross-country trips.


Please either respond to this posting, or email me directly on [email protected]







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Guest Decca

Spare Aircraft


James there's a Gazelle parked at Gloucester, it only needs a jump start:laugh:


(Ref post in Announcements)





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Now that's an idea except that I am in the RACV - and I spend to much time providing these forums to meet them there - see I am even in Port Mac now and still logging in - I even logged in when I was between flights in Newcastle - I think I need to go and see a psychiatrist ;)



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Poor Ian, his predicament seems to be the cause of laughter. We know it is not malicious and no doubt his problems will soon be solved. The reference to NRMA reminded me of when I flew a Lightwing into Agnes Water and couldnt restart it. The Air Sea Rescue were having a meeting at the house by the strip and came to my rescue with a jump start. Luckily I was a member of ASR.



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