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Big Kev

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Howdy peoples.


The tieup between the title and whereabouts is pretty apt, consequently no open trikes for me! At the moment I'm researching into flying again. I have about 20 hours (15 GA, 5 gliding), but GA is way outside my budget, and anyhow I can't be bothered with the politics. To me, recreational flying seems the way, flying for the sake of it.


I say researching, as I once tried on a Gazelle (Moruya a/p) but can't remember if I fitted- I'm 198cm (6'6") and 125kg- hence the moniker. So consequently I'll probably ask some pretty numpty questions but I guess you get that!


I have flown:










Blanik (hasn't everyone?)


Puchasz (sp!)


I work for Defence as a TO, and I come from a motorsport (rallying) 25+ year background.







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I am also 6'6 and about 110 kg. Nice mixture of units there. Fit pretty well


into the j230. Learnt on a LSA 55 jab though. That was squeezy.:)







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Thanks guys, just the stuff I'm after.


The Aerobat I flew at Canb Aero Club (ILL) was quite squeezy, but comfortable- the 172 (JGR) had some strange dichotomy between rudder pedal, and throttle distances.


Looks like the Gazelle has been spun in already on weight grounds, a shame as I was looking for something in the first instance with foldable/ demountable wings.


The Jabirus were what attracted me to rec flying, and the fact that it has become a self sustaining community, rather than a bunch of powered hang gliders occasionally falling out of the sky. The Jabs are expensive, though I imagine there's some middle ground.


I think I need to get to a fly-in........







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Giday Kev, I did a conversion from ga in a J230 and I am around the 95kg. Plenty of room in this chap, also flew a Foxbat and there is a fair amount of room in them as well.


cheers Phil



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