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Election Stats


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Just to update you so far on what has been received by the office:


We have received a total of 907 valid votes from the 3 areas.


343 votes from ACT/NSW from total of 1953 members eligible to vote equals 17.56%.


289 votes from Victoria from total of 1713 equals 16.87%


275 votes Qld from a total of 1808 equals 15.9%



63 Invalid votes (mainly no member no. stated, invalid member no. or expired/invalid membership)


This was at 12.00pm today.


Last ballots will be collected from the mail at 4.00pm after which counting will begin.


To see it the other way round 84% of members in the election states chose not to have a voice or don't think that any of the candidates are worth voting for no matter how much they are bombard with unsolicited emails with voting preferences! :confused:


(The 63 invalid votes can be called the remaining 0.4%. At least they tried)


We are still a little behind the 28% which is supposedly the 'norm' in other elections - according to Middo.


Well done to those that voted. Counting starts after 5.00pm once all the supervisors have arrived. Will be able to post the results once the new office bearers are made aware of their positions.





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That is appalling, after hearing criticism of RAAus here and in other places I would have expected 80% turnout at least. Maybe the criticism is just a load of bad mouthing, and that coupled with apathy is the cause of a low result.


If you don't vote you can't criticise!



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Ian B


I agree with the sentiment of the no-criticism bit as if we don't stand and don't vote, we should stay a bit schtumm and give those that did a chance to contribute. But that shouldn't mean that constructive criticism is inappropriate once the action starts.


One of the problems I had, and why I didn't vote in the end, was that I don't know any of the candidates for my area and didn't see anything in the resumes that meant enough to me to differentiate them, So I felt that a blind vote was less than useful, and would do nothing to elect the right person. Better to leave it to those that know the candidates. Did anyone else feel the same?


Re the % turnout ... just maybe it's a good sign & the membership is pretty happy with the way things are going. Perhaps 83 - 85% of the members just want to get out and fly without any politicing.


Regards Geoff



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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi paul,


Not 100% sure, but I think Carol (cazza) is not up for re-election, until next elections ???







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Congratulations to those that were elected and commiserations to those that were also willing to devote their time to help all us members but were unsuccessful in being elected.


An open invitation to ALL the board members:


Please feel free to come in here and allow this site to be a conduit to a good cross section of the members that you represent - I will try and make it as comfortable as possible :)



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Guest brentc

Some of you were probably wondering why I hadn't mentioned my running in the election. A short time after nominating I had to take on a new job (new employer) and felt that I would no longer be able to give the role the time and committment that it deserved so I kept a low profile during the voting process. A special thanks however to the 88 members that voted for me.


I did however do the rounds recently only to find that another nominee had their partner do the rounds before me beating their drum and hadn't visited personally. I was a little disappointed to hear this to say the least and I hope the absentee method is not a sign of things to come!



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