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"Remedy" for Titinitus

Guest Fred Bear

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Guest Fred Bear

Good news for those that suffer from Titinitus and or Vertigo.


A new product has been recently released called "Tebonin." It's a herbal extract that increases circulation in the capillaries and supposedly relieves the symptoms of Vertigo and Titinitus and can potentially cure it.


I'll be trying it starting today and I'll keep you all posted.


It's around $35-$38 for a months supply and the suggested course is 2 months. It's available now at most chemists.





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I thought it was "Tinnitus" ..... which is a constant ringing in the ears.


You mention "Titinitus", which is a constant visualisation of female breasts.


To which do yourefer ... as I would hate to take "Tebonin" and be cured ofthe latter.If it does that, perhaps the product might betterbe called "Deboner".


Kind regards Geoff Captain



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