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J160 Scale Model


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We once had a founding member of our club pass away and because he was one of the first ever Jab owners, Jabiru provided us with a scale model of his LSA55, in his original colour scheme complete in a glass box. It was used as a memorial trophy. Perhaps Jabiru can help you out.



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Try eModelAirplanes on ebay.


They have J160 models in solid wood (Phillipine Mahogany) and do a custom paint job if you send them pictures of your plane.


Cost about $150usd with custom paint.


Very good qaulity, takes about 6 weeks.


They look brilliant!



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I can get those hand crafted wooden ones here for about the same price in Australian dollars - I would need a picture of your aircraft for the colour scheme.


If you are interested let me know and I will look into it further and confirm the price with the guy that crafts them.



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