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Just landed from Shep.

Doug Mc.

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Hi all,


My name is Doug and I have only been flying since June and have a huge total of around nine hours flying time.I fly with Shepparton aero club in a little Tecnam p92 super echo.I am trying to fly as often as I can but have only managed to average a lesson every second weekend (mainly due to a lack of finance) .I have a fantastic instructor who has been very supportive and understanding and gives me great incouragement that I will get there, quicker than what I imagine.I have a pre solo exam next week that im a little nervous about.If anyone has any tips or hints I would greatly appreciate it.


Thanks for your time. Doug.



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Hi Doug,


Welcome to Shepp - the crew are really fantastic there, and really help with your exam preparations. Feel free to ask any of them about what you may be knowledge deficient in.


The biggest tip I can give you about a pre-solo is to have a read of the Tecnam flight manual, (or the aircraft in which you will be doing a solo flight) and be aware of the speed requirements, including the ones not marked on the speedo, such as maximum manouvering speed, turbulence penetration speed. These are not only for the exam, but for everyday flying as well.


Matt will really put you under the hammer, but if you think of it as a solo flight with a very energetic five year old who wants to touch every switch on the panel, you will be fine.


Just remember what Nathan, Tristo, Sue and Oskar taught you and put that into application, and you will be heading solo without a problem.





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Thank you Ben,


All the instructors are fantastic,but also every other pilot,student I have met have been great.Thanks for the tips, it is something I have not done yet (studied the flight manual) hopefully I will catch up with you one day up there.





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Guest pelorus32

G'day Doug,


a hearty welcome. I fly at Shepp. I'm there most weekends at the moment as my daughter is learning to fly there and I'm the wheels and the wallet - she's just 16.


There are a number of things that it's worth relaxing about:


First don't worry about going solo. You won't go solo until you're ready, well and truly ready. There are all sorts of views about going solo - push them out at 6 hours and so on. The approach at Shepparton is generally though not always to leave you a bit longer and to get you to a more robust spot before letting you loose on your own. Interestingly I don't think that it increases total time to Pilot's Certificate by much if at all. When you go solo it will feel right. You will feel ready.


Secondly about theory exams. I like theory so I just waded in and did it. My daughter hates theory so she has found it a drag. What she has done is to go and sit in the briefing room and work through the chapters, do the practice exams at the end of each chapter and then discuss any issues with the instructors. She has passed all of her exams this way. It's also worth shaping up for a few long briefs it's the best way to get the basic theory of flight stuff in my view.


Above all remember that everyone there - instructors, other students and club members all want you to succeed. It is a very encouraging and inclusive club. If you ever want to know about something or you want some extra help, just ask. There will always be someone to talk through it with you and if necessary work through some examples.


Finally download a copy of the Visual Flight Guide from the CASA website. It is great for the air law stuff and for procedures - radio etc.









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Hi Doug, welcome from one Doug to another. I think that make four of us now, or is it five. No matter, we forum members all share the same passion and that's what counts. Enjoy your training, be it on the ground or in the air. Share any 'unusual' moments with us, we may learn from them as well.


Cheers, Doug



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doug solo is when that litle fellow beside you is ready for a coffe tell him he does not need it


you need another bloke in there to make sure the right tyre is still there ah tristo my experance with flying with instructor is that you will pay but its worth it


at the time you think i am right why wont he let me go solo doug it payed of for me as i would not let tristo or nathan out untill i was ready


i am able to right this thanks them couple of blokes plus plus terry ottway read the story why i fly a storch s neil



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Our obsession!!


Hi Doug, welcome from one Doug to another. I think that make four of us now, or is it five. No matter, we forum members all share the same passion and that's what counts. Enjoy your training, be it on the ground or in the air. Share any 'unusual' moments with us, we may learn from them as well.Cheers, Doug

Well I am not sure if it counts for an "unusual moment" but I would like to say I had the best flying lesson I have had yet.It was last friday night at Shep and as I was driving to get there I thought no-way would we be going up.There were towering cumulus and scattered showers around,but when I arrived they were all off in the distance! Sue (my instructor) said it had been nice all day (flying conditions) and when we got up there I could see what she meant,it was absouloutly beautifull,there was nill wind and nill turbulence.There was a thunderstorm to the North which we kept a close eye on,a shower and rainbow to the east (which lasted the whole lesson) and clear skies to the south and west.It was the last lesson of the day 5 to 6pm.and it was a beautifull warm night, we both did not want to come down , but after about 6 or 7 circiuts I was over the hour and was starting to think I may have to wash dishes to pay for this lesson!! Anyway passed my pre-solo exam which really topped off a great lesson/night!! Hope you guys dont think im gloating , but I am just excited and can not belive how much I love this hobbie/passion(obsession)


Thanks Doug.



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"slipped the surly bonds"


Now it seems you have "slipped the surly bonds" etc.Some days flying can be magnificent and they are to be savoured.

Hi Ian,


I am afraid to have to say this but I had no idea what you meant by "slipped the surly bonds", so I googled it and come up with a fantastic poem (high flight). So yes thank you, I think I have "slipped the surly bonds" and savour days like friday,;) I will!!





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An intense week of PPL training and endorsement, mostly with Nathan but also shared the cockpit with Tristo and Matt. Highlights were 90 mins of night flying on instruments in Matt's 172 and tripping between Essendon and Moorabbin in the CT just after fog lifted keeping us down below top of CBD skyline which seemed just metres away. What a buzz for a poor country boy :big_grin:. Meeting up with some of the Shepp locals has also left me with fond memories ... "Greetings" to Pelorus32, Storchy Neil, Jabba Jo, and others whose names elude me and of course Ian who dropped in to show off his brand new CT with dinged wheel pant.


Good times stay with you, hey!





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