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Congratulations Adelie!!

Guest pelorus32

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Guest pelorus32

Yesterday evening just before dark Adelie kicked her instructor out and trundled around the circuit on her own for the first time.'


She said that she wasn't nervous just really excited! She turned 16 a month ago.


Congratulations Adelie on all your hard work and I know that she gives her thanks particularly to Oskar and Matt for all their hard work.


Well Done!



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Guest disperse

My daughter turned 12 today. and was quite excited to see proof (doesn't have complete faith in dad....clever girl) of a 16 yo girl going solo


SO CONGRATES and THANKS for the inspiration....:star:



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Guest pelorus32

Musings on Parenthood!


My daughter turned 12 today. and was quite excited to see proof (doesn't have complete faith in dad....clever girl) of a 16 yo girl going soloSO CONGRATES and THANKS for the inspiration....:star:

Adelie has followed family tradition - there was a little crosswind for her first solo and when she did some more solo circuits yesterday there was still a crosswind!


On a serious note Troy you raise a really important point. Teenage girls have a lot going on in their lives. It's tough for them to really get focused on one thing and to put in the hard yards.


Adelie has been flying since March. This was her choice and we didn't particularly encourage her initially. We figured that she needed to really want to do this in order to have a drive to succeed. We reckon that kids need to live their dreams not ours.


All that said we have worked with her during the ups and downs to enable her to get on with it.


What has really startled us is how much she has grown and matured during the process. She has learned new focus, worked out how to take responsibility for herself and others, learned about theory and things mechanical and learned how to get along with her instructors and other new people.


The last 6 months have been pretty revelatory for us and for her. We have watched her go from being scared to death of the thought of going solo to being quietly confident that she could do this. She is very quiet (like her father!) but full of steely determination. Her next goal is to have her pilot's certificate by xmas.


The other thing that has been really wonderful is the support that she has been shown by club members at Shepparton. Each and every one has been supportive and encouraging. They've worked to find ways to engage Adelie and to help her along the journey. That has been really important in making her feel that she belongs.


When she went solo a little crowd gathered to watch her and to calm her father ;-) - tougher for me than her I think. Then when she got out of the a/c everyone cheered and clapped. She felt really positive about the support and her achievement. I think that's really important because, for girls particularly, it can be hard to feel positive about yourself and your achievements as a teenager.


So Troy, it's achievable for anyone that wants it, but the road isn't necessarily smooth as many here will tell you.


Kind regards





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It is a good achievement. She has decided to do it , Put in the effort over a period of time, remained focussed and obtained the result in an area where there are not a high percentage of participants, in her own peer group and the broader society as well. She will be a different person as a result of THIS experience. Great!!.. Nev...



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Good one Adelie, 011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif


But what Mike has NOT told us is the fact that Adelie cleaned the board at the club comps a few days ago, greasing the spot landing, the forced landing and the flour b*mb to win the comp...


Me, I'm happy I landed, walked away from the plane and someone else could reuse it...





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