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Conroy Aviation??


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Posted this query on a different forum a few days back and got no response so figure maybe I was in the wrong space. Again, has anyone had any recent contact with or know if Conroy Aviation are still in business? Would like to talk with any owner/builder of a Sparrow XC regarding kit quality and factory response/backup. Perhaps their lack of response is the answer I don't want to hear? Any information would be appreciated.



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Riley, although Chris at RA-Aus is on leave at the moment but perhaps Mick Poole may have some contact details - try ringing the RA-Aus office and see if they can help - good luck!



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It is with great sadness to report that Chris Conroy died just 2 weeks ago. There were many people at his funeral memorial service from all walks of life.


I did quite a bit of work with and for him in thevbig shed on his property.


RIP Chris Conroy. You will be remembered by so many friends.



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