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Wing Washing


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Wing Washing & Protection




I'm wondering what trike pilots use to wash down their microlight wings. It seems the manufacturers warn of anything other than water.


Any ideas would be very appreciated.




I forgot to ask... is there any solution that you can use to act as a UV protectant too?


Also, what strength napisan do you use? Thanks





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Put a cover over your engine to keep the water off, disconnect your front pole and tilit the wing right back. Then use the hose.


That's if you're lacking the eneergy to remove the wing from your trike or the ground is too dusty.


Otherwise, like crusty said use the Napisan but with a soft haired broom and the hose. Did this in my back yard once and the results were pretty good. Neighbour said I was breaking the water laws but I told him the law says no hosing of hard surfaces and a sail is not a hard surface.







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Lux flakes dissolved in a bucket of warmish water, and a hose with a soft-bristle broom. Terrific for wings and softsides.


For seats use carpet-cleaner or upholstery cleaner in aerosol packs.


For the fibreglass pod, spats use any good automotive wash but if at all possible avoid anything with silicone in it because it does make composite surfaces very difficult to repair. Polish with Kitten No. 1 Car Polish (what the factory use).


For degreasing engines etc, try a 50:50 emulsified mixture of Handy Andy and Kerosene. World's cheapest degreaser and you can buy both at the nearest supermarket (pour equal measures of both, add one to the other, shake well and ready for use). Apply with stiff-bristle brush, work vigorously, then hose off. Be sure to get it all off any Aluminium because the Handy Andy has a mild caustic salt which can cause corrosion on Aluminium if left for a long period of time.



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gday Gents, I tried this tip of using napisan on my wing and I can't believe how good my old wizard 1 wing has come up - like new. This stuff is the best thing for sails since sliced bread, thanks for the tip!:thumb_up:



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