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A bit of fun but here is a picture that I use as my desktop - click on the thumbnail picture in this post to open it up in full view, right click the picture and save it to your PC and then set it as your desktop - suited to standard 4:3 monitors (not suited to widescreen if you stretch it)





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I am in constant contact with the manufacturers (Curzio and Luisa) with my last email saying that I felt like a little boy on Christmas Eve waiting and they replied so are they but they are doing so much "proper" testing that it is taking longer then they themselves would have liked, but they want the aircraft to be absolutely perfect and un-faulted by anyone first. At this stage about March will see five beta ones flying around the world - at this stage I will have one of them, I will then report back on everything from the manuals to its top speed. Orders can then be taken at around Natfly time with deliveries about Aug next year. So about 8 months away now.



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It's supposed to be bad luck to hang a calender prior to the beginning of the new year but still, I've updated my desktop and it looks great, EXCEPT, the forum logo needs to be rotated clockwise so as to align better with the graceful sweep of the fin and rudder, at least them's my thoughts. ;)



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