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Must clean up the shed


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Hi Ian, well at least in your shed you can see the planes.


In my sheds I keep finding them by accident, like the Skyfox I found today when I tripped over it amongst the junk.


Actually, I also found the other Gypsy Major MK10 I want plonk into Kilo Charlie Zulu.


I'm still looking for the Lambada which is a bit disconcerting because of it's size, oh well I suppose that I will find it in due course, probably full of snakes by now.


Good thing I sold the Supa Pup.


Maybe a seeing eye dog would help.


Clean up my shed oh my goodness that would be disasterous as I would then have to do some maintenance work on them.


It maybe a little easier after I have added the next 40ft extension to the shed.


I would post a picture but then the authorities would know my location and start an investigation. ;)







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rick-p it seems you have the same idea as me. I have avoided cleaning up twice by extending, and even now I am short of space.


Not helped when my wife comes around with concreting tools and dumps them saying she doesn't want them in her potting shed. I now have a wheelbarrow full of rubbish and am waiting for the floods to go down to go and dump it.



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