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Problems with the other site?


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Well it hasn't fallen over it is just walking from one server over to another and has lost the directions 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif


We have Rec Flying hosted on one server that is using Shared hosting. We went all out and paid over $1,800 for a new server that is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) so the sites will be extremely fast.


Australian Flying was created on the new VPS server


After lengthy and in-depth discussions between myself and the entire technical team (i.e. slarti - so don't pick on him in the Never Ending Story) an executive decision was made to move to another hosting provider that offered an even better VPS server.


So I am using Australian Flying as the test case and moving it over from the 1st VPS server at my current Hosting Company to the new VPS server at the new Hosting Company and as I said the site must have taken a wrong turn so I am out looking for it - if you see it going by then please yell HOY!!! - get over to the new server NOW!!!



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This is really wird - there were 3 domains on the old VPS and all use the same name server ns1.jackaroo.com.au and I changed the IP address for the name server and 2 out of the 3 sites are all working ok but the Australian Flying site is still showing a default server page and hasn't come over yet like the other two sites - I told you...Australian Flying got lost somewhere but Jackaroo.com.au and Thruster Support Group were both able to follow instructions - darn GA types 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif



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Guest airsick

None of the sites are working for me Ian. I have manually edited my hosts file (to overcome the lagged DNS problem) to show: www.australianflying.com.au www.jackaroo.com.au australianflying.com.au jackaroo.com.au

www.australianflying.com.au - default Apache page


australianflying.com.au - default Plesk page


www.jackaroo.com.au - default Plesk page


jackaroo.com.au - default Plesk page


I find it interesting that the Australian Flying server gives a Plesk and Apache page depending on whether you use the www subdomain. Are you sure you it is configured properly?


Despite this I still get the default Apache or Plesk page.



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