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J160/J170 Aileron Bellcrank Cover


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There's a Service Bulletin on the Jabiru website regarding replacing the aileron bellcrank cover on the J160/170 family with a new one (it's the fibreglass cover over the aileron-cable bellcrank in between the seat-backs on these models).


I'm curious...what was the problem with the existing cover that requires a new one to be fitted and warrants a Service Bulletin?



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This is going to come accross as sounding harsh.......but here goes!


Ian has set this site up to alert everyone about SB's and AD's and this is a wonderful service.


Manufacturers release them becasue they feel there is a need to follow them. I was speaking with Rod Stiff on Friday about this problem.


Not everyone in the RAA fraternity and some in GA no doubt seem to think they know better and do not follow them. This is foolish behavior.


Sure its a fair question to ask......but for goodness sake, just do the mod, and while you are at it make sure all the AD's are complied with.


To do anything else is just plain lunacy:hittinghead:


I have little sympathy for the individual who blatantly ignores the bulletins and then spears in because of it.





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Guest Macnoz

while you are at it also get or do the door stop mod. This is a "D" bracket like belt buckle that is epoxied and rivited ito the door frame so as to better spread the load form the strap. This might eliminate the cracking and sepeartion that occurs from the single rivet that anchors the strap.



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I had a slight incident last year with my old 230. I find it difficult to see the right aileron movement with a passenger. I got into the habit of doing control checks before entering the cabin to assure full movement.


This day I am taxiing for runway and I had a sip of water from a plastic container and as the next landing was about 2.5 hours away I put the bottle on the arm rest with the neck facing towards the bell crank. Left hand turn after take off was restricted by the neck of the bottle jamming against and between the bell crank and rod end!!!


I now ask my passenger to lean forward so I can see the aileron movement.


I assume that this is the reason that the S/B was issued.



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Five posts and still no definitive answer, but thanks to all who replied.


J430:- Not harsh. I can think of several words that accurately describe your post but harsh is not amongst them. I will consider it withdrawn, irrespective of whether you do so or not.


The rest:- all your comments noted, and Macnoz and Pduthoit's posts genuinely helpful, for which my sincere thanks.


Next time I'll post my question on PPRUNE. Or maybe I'll just ring/email Jamie Cook.



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Guest sportaviationacademy

i believe it is to prevent foreign articals eg coins from falling into the bellcrank area and jaming controles


in regard to controle checks I always do a control check outside the aircraft duing preflight as well as controles full and free prior to commiting to flight


Regards all





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It's possible that there is confustion on the reason the mod is a recommendation on J230 series.


The cover is sized to fit later models where the bellcrank is in front of the strut carry through beam.


Early models have the bellcrank behind the beam. I still think a cover is a still a good idea but you are on your own as the mod offered won't fit early models. Maybe you could put in an arm rest cover on and extend it fill in the hole between the armrest and the old back cover.



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Guest The Bushman

Some one put a pen through the cover hole Slot that feeds the Aileron Cable in and sent the photo to CASA Hense The mod, iam building a J170 and rang as to the upgraded mod and was told only Factory build aircraft are effected in J200 series and was very little Mod



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