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Just Landed

Guest Doug Ell

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Guest Doug Ell

Hi All


I have just landed. Myself and my daughter built (with a lot of help) and have been flying a Skyranger for the past three years. Terrific experience and a fantastic bird to fly. Live at Wagga NSW and are members of Holbrook Ultralight Club, and hangar the plane at Holbrook Air Park


Hopefully I will be able to participate and have things to add over the time


Regards to all members





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G'day mate


Good to see more Skyranger flyers joining us. I have got the New Skyranger swift ninja bobbing around in the brine somewhere between Rotterdam and Brisbane. I have been learning in a Jab 160 and 230 and can't wait to get my hands on the Skyranger kit.


Tony Holtham (Oz Skyranger rep) is getting a metal tank made to replace the two plastic tanks increasing the fuel capacity to 90 lts and is getting a flush mount so fuel can be filled from outside the aircraft.


The ninja package has the british mods of larger rounded dash and fibreglass panels on the fuse added to the swift which has shorter wings. It also has the covered centre console. My kit has the xlam pastified covering and I'm hoping to get close to a 90kt cruise with the 100hp Rotax. We will see!


CFI has just signed off on my licence, passanger radio and human factors endorsments. So now I'm onto navs and studying for that in spare moments.


When I get my Skyranger built, being a pastor I plan to use it for my ministry in the bush, cutting the time down between the places I travel to in western QLD. And I also love flying because helps me in my curiosity being the stickybeak that I am.




"Fly like a homesick angel!"



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