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Problems with plastic parts of old Cessna airplanes


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Here would like to hear about the problems with plastic parts of Cessna airplanes.

For some reason, what we get in our hands is all cracked, heavy, literally falls apart in our hands.

Recently such rear interior panels were sent to me from Austria. They arrived in a huge box. One panel was already broken in half, and there were many splinters inside. In a gentle attempt to lift it, it broke in two again. The whole thing was covered with numerous cracks. Nevertheless, our experts managed to scan this horror. We have milled the dies and can produce these panels from a strong and lightweight fiberglass epoxy that is unafraid of age, ultraviolet radiation and does not support combustion.

We now have another piece of this well-deserved airplane in our collection.

The photo is of the parts sent in. There is a whole pile of wreckage nearby. Don't be surprised by the wood, I am heating the stove to save gas. We're already snowed in.



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The matrix for making this panel is shown below.

Now you can make as many light and strong panels as you want for the Cessna C-150/152.

Of course, it is more difficult and longer than ABS or polyester resin.

But the advantages of heated epoxy plastic in terms of life, strength and weight are undeniable.

You can even make it out of carbon fiber if you want.


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I'm not being critical of the above posts, however, I am astounded that a country that is supposedly fighting for its very existence can continue to produce items that really are "luxury" goods. By "luxury goods" I mean things that are not immediately essential for anyone's survival. Another example of luxury goods are plastic scale model kits that are being produced in the Ukraine and exported worldwide. It seems that many of us have no idea of the size of the Ukraine, or how advanced its industry is. It makes one cry in despair that a Nation that has enjoyed peace and stability since its creation (Australia) and has a well educated population cannot establish an industrial base, despite the abundance of resources, both physical and mental, it possesses. 


Congratulations on developing the process to make these trim pieces. There is a very big market for them.  I know I was looking for replacement trim items for a Grumman Traveler. 

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Don't be surprised. Ukraine is indeed a mysterious country. 76% of the population has higher education.  Alas, we used to make our own airplanes, now we only make parts for other people's airplanes.

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Of course you can. Even papier-mâché. But we want to ensure maximum strength and service life equal to the service life of the entire airplane. At a reasonable price.

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