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World's biggest chopper

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This thing is a monster air machine


The world's largest helicopter. It is to be used for taking mining equipment and cargo out to a new mine called Galore Creek. It is owned by a Russian company and it is called the Utsky. Apparently this chopper's wash will pick up and fling rocks, up to 12 inches in diameter, around like leaves.


Some stats:


- Russian crew of 6,


2 Pilots,


1 Navigator,


2 Engineers [mechanics]


1 cargo person


- a semi-trailer will fit in it.


- carries 75 troops


- uses 2000 litres of fuel per hour


- 580 km range


- costs $30,000/hr to rent


- 40 metres long


- 8 blades about 2 feet wide


This makes a 'Sky Crane' look like a mosquito by comparison.





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I've done plenty of hours in the jump seat of an Mi-8 in some remote parts of Russia as a fishing guide. And I thought it was a big chopper. Capable of about 40 POB but only a baby compared to the Mi-12.


I used to praise the Lord every time we landed in one piece. I dont think they have the same airworthiness standards in that part of the world.





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Guest Marius Grobler
But can it be registered with the RAA under part 103? 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif

Sure mate...you just need to lose the fuselage, tail and tail rotor, undercarriage and 7 of the 8 blades:laugh:



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Am I the only one to notice the flag at 6min5sec ?

Nope, but I can´t figure out what it is doing there. I think one of these has been out here setting up ski lift towers so could be related to that. Just a guess.



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