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Coast to Coast by Rans S7


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Gteat story and photos. Having done the trip East to West 6 times this last 12 months, it was indeed great to see someone else's report on a trip of this magnitude. Well done. Love the story. Photos were phenominal. Must compare photos in the near future.







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Thx also JG..great report ! What a great trip. How hard would it be to get permission to fly into Maralinga ? That would be a truly unique place to see. Did you get to see the rocket launch sites ?

I don't think permission would be forthcoming. The airstrip is miles from the settlement, and the caretaker would have to be taxi driver. Might have to wait until it's opened for visiters, but that might be a couple of years..... But the airspace isn't restricted, so you could fly over and get a look, and that's the best way to view it anyhow - don't see much from ground level. No rockets were launched from Maralinga, just nuclear tests. The rockets were at Woomera. I did land there in '97 without noticing the line in ERSA "...24 prior notice..." and security came rushing up with flashing lights, etc..... Before flying into that airspace check notams for actitivity.



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