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CT Wheel Removal away from Base


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Having to remove the wheel when away from home base in the event of a puncture can be a problem if you don't have the right tools.


Undoing the securing bolt (KA4020503) can be a hassle although I have released it using a shifter, however you can potentially damage the bolt head so I have had a special socket made up for the purpose. It's not expensive to fabricate as the barrel is made out of an old trailer jockey wheel and there is not a lot of welding to do. The drive size can be made to suit whatever you have in your toolkit.






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Wheel socket spanner


David, Made mine up by forming a tube spanner out of appropriate sized 2mm tubing.


Also purchased a light weight scizzer jack from the wreckers [Daihatsu I think] and carry an el cheapo [500grms] $8 00 electric pump, until it fails ,its been marvellous.



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