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Just landed - hailing from Queanbeyan (near Canberra)


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Hi Folks,


I've wound up here after investigating GA licensing (to be knocked back by childhood epilepsy), having flown a few times in gliders, helis and Cessna's and realising that as long as I'm in control of the stick and not touching the ground then this could be the way for me to take my lovely wife for a flight!


I live and breath aircraft and flying - house has been overtaken by RC aircraft, I fly a couple of times a week (passenger only) and often sit in the Cafe by the airstrip @ Canberra airport just to watch the incoming traffic (enjoy the landings more ;) )


Have uncountable hours under my belt re FS2004, FSX and X-plane - but it's just not the same as being in the air for real.


Looking forward to hooking up with some local guys - I've yet to find a local recreational club although the more research I do the more I see that 'local' often = hours away :)




Adam (VH-AHL - virtual ident)...



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Welcome Rathalian. Go for it with recreational flying, you will find it easier than flight simming. I know, I still can't land my own plane or even take off with X-Plane, maybe I built it incorrectly in X-Plane.



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Thanks all - had a quick chat to Ben Dumbrell from Tumut Aero Club this afternoon and I'll be going for a drive down to their club facilities shortly to check it out. Might also head down to Temora Aero Club.


Anyone know of the two and can comment?



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Hi Adam,


Local clubs? Have you thought about the Snowy River Aviators at Adaminaby. We own our airstrip and presently developing a bunch of hangars. Meetings are 1st Sundays of each month. You, and anyone else reading this, are welcome to get involved, or just visit. Our official opening day, with lots of activities, is being planned for October 18.


This is our web site which is soon to be upgraded to something more professional. http://www.sra.asn.au/


Looking forward to meeting you soon,





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