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What plane is this?

Guest rrruuunnn

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  • 14 years later...

I saw a very brief clip on Facebook (one of those where they have five clips together, from tik tok I think. It was a brief clip head on, of a US fighter with twin engines, similar to a P-38 Lightning, in flight, but with a conventional single tail boom, not the twin booms as on the P-38. The fuselage and cockpit appeared extremely narrow.  I cannot think what it was, there was no description, and I have been unable to locate an image of it. I would be happy if someone could identify it. Once you close off those video clips, you can't get them back, otherwise I would have paused it and taken a screen print.


Imagine the photo below with only a single tail boom.



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I thought the blue and white star roundel was on the side, not that I got much of a glimpse. Those clips only last 10 - 15 seconds. I don't think the tailplane was as high up the fin, attached more within the tailcone. Can't say for sure. I did notice that there was no armament in the nose.

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