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Stealth = $%*&

Guest Cralis

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So, Saturday night... I see a move about planes on... so I decide to watch it... called 'Stealth'. Within... no jokes... 2 minutes in... I decided I'd now prefer to eat my own liver than watch this.


What a POOR movie!!


Man! thumb_down


My wife then googles it to see if it might improve...




Some comments we found:


Stealth is devoid of higher thinking (or maybe any thinking at all).


Stealth is a movie that begs its own drinking game. ...


Stealth is not a good movie in any way, shape, or form, but it is a film that is so stupefyingly bad ...


I agree with all comments above.


What a load of dribble!


ps: It's still on channel 9, if you want to laugh/cry. :)


I'd rather watch... a broken TV?



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I was lucky and checked before I turned it on, I figured there had to be something wrong if I'd never even heard of it.


Interesting thing, when I looked it up I saw a pic of one of the planes which looked familar, one of those internet info emails went around about 6 or 12 months ago with pics obviously taken out of the film claiming the plane was a new, secret prototype with the comment was "check out the test pilot" who it turns out was actress Jessica Biel.


And I thought someone had wasted a lot of time on a really good photoshop job i_dunno



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Maybe we need to start a poll on the worst ever made, aviation related movie. (Where's that little vomit smiley when you want it?) :yuk:


I'll have to admit I'll watch almost anything, and just regret it later. 031_loopy.gif.e6c12871a67563904dadc7a0d20945bf.gif


I've seen 'Stealth' and I'm not sure if it's worse than 'Broken Arrow' or not? radioactive.gif.1acc918ae505c8835a1c29d9312871c0.gif





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I'm gonna put Stealth below Broken Arrow, because it's the first movie... first... that I have stopped within the first few minutes due to nausia. I went back to it towards the end ... to see if it had improved.. and saw a talking plane with an electrical fault, flying through some water to put out the flame.... :yuk:


Watched Sky News instead.. :)


I enjoyed Flying High.. and might put that as my most enjoyable..


I thought Top Gun was pretty good. I'm 33, so remember, it landed slap bang in my teens, and I had the Tom Cruise haircut and all. (What the hell happened to his nose since then!?)


And yes - I was an Airwolf freak! Downloaded the pilot episode recently and watched it... and... wished I had remembered it as I saw it when I was 15. :(


Oh - wait... I asked a few people here if they had seen Airwolf, and I was suprised/shocked to hear it wasn't shown here! :raise_eyebrow:



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There is only one thing better than watching Top Gun and Flying High and thats watching one after the other:laugh:


The sad thing is I have watched Top Gun that many times I can resite every word, this has actually been the basis of a few bets with mates and yes I won:blush:



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