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Matterhorn white paint match


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Whenever I have to colour match paint, I take a component from the plane to the paint supplier so that the match can be done. Why don't you take a wheel spat to the supplier.


Sorry that I can't help you with your particular question. When I getr paint matched, I just label the can with teh rego number of the plane it belongs to.


Old Man Emu



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Guest Graham Lea

Jabiru can give you the supplier - I had to get some once..


It comes in two versions one which needs a tent and breathing gear to be sprayed on in, the other just a straight spray.


If I find it I will let you know



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Does anyone know what paint to use to match the Jabiru factory built white finish? My elevator tape departed yesterday and took a fair proportion of the paint layer with it :raise_eyebrow:





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I would like to know as well as I had `wisely` taped up the doors at Porepunkah before it rained to stop the water filling the cabin but when I removed the tape, it took some paint as well as it was quite cold and brittle. I think the aviation name is matterhorn white but surely someone has matched it with an auto equiv. I have seen paints matched on other aircraft and I`m not impressed with the quality of the matching when done by a paint shop.



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Quentas, when I was in the crash & fibreglass game I used to use Protec 604 two pack on boats & A/C here in SA. When needed I would have them eye match for me.


They were very accurate and the paints cheap and good quality is.



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Firstl Matterhorn White is "new" colour ~05 onwards, older type is more creamy white - I have both on my A/C!!!


The mix is in 1000ml (US Paints G8003)


PT10 10.3g Actual 10.3g


PT42 42.4g Actual 32.1g


PT44 1356.8g actual 1314.4g


Im not really sure what this means but you will need to find a paint supplier who sells Protech paint or have it colour matched


If someone does find an automotive match PLEASE let me know







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If you want Matterhorn White ring Protec in SA on 84476311 and let them know it is in their fleet colour under Jabiru. Minimum 1 ltr order. Their two pack range are the 604 & 600 series, the 600 being Poly Eurothane.



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Guest Nelson Smith

Alan sorry for the late reply.A match for the Jabiru "Matterhorn White" is KK47 available from Auto Barn in a pressure pack or in a tin.It is naturally not a two pack but I think it is an acrylic.I can't tell the difference between the two paints.





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found out from Jabiru just to clarify things a bit.

At the factory they use

protec automotive paint 

type: barrier 625 polythane

Colour: mattahorn white

for 1 litre

pt10 10.2grams, pt42 32.1grams, pt44 1314.4grams or the additive weights as you add each one 10.2 ; 42.3; 1356.7.


they use 2 parts paint and 1 part hardener


i tried a colour match from another paint supplier initially but was a waste of money

Jabiru Paint _Info.pdf

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