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New Tyres No Go......

Guest Bendorn

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Guest Bendorn

Rang Jabiru, I ordered 2 new Trelleborg 6 ply tyres 4.00x4 for my LSA. Arrived, fitted and the bolt heads of the brake calliper is rubbing the tyre wall. Anyone had the same problem???


Rang Jabby and asked, what's the go? "Oh yes, the won't fit. We saw this on the first J120." Ummm...... Why did you sell them to me?


I need a good 6ply tyre for tiger country and bindii/3 corner jacks etc. I want to stick with the 4 inch main rims.


I'm waiting on a call back from Jabiru (hopefully with a credit note) as they are out of stock of the chien shen? 6 ply but I really really wanted the treaded pattern of the Trells.


Any other options out there????


URGENT.... It gets better. I cut the old tyres and inserted them inside the new as sleeves for extra protection.... now with the issue of the new tyres.... I CANNOT FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Try M & C Tyres, who have advertised in past RAA Magazines.




They supplied Trelleborg 10 ply tyres for my 230 and while I can't say what they have for your size, their service was great and they would be worth a quick bell at 03 5447 1377.


Let us all know how you go.



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G'day Ben - well, you can fly :thumb_up: - but you won't have brakes. :big_grin::big_grin::big_grin:


Consider the 6" wheel option - much smoother, and you can fit the 10 ply tyres.







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One of our guys fitted lawn mower tyres to our J120.


These tyres have 3 very high ring or rib treads around them and as Cliff Banks asks every time he sees it, how are those Fergie front tyres going?


Keeps the tyre casing about 15 to 20mm off the ground and the bindii just can't reach that far to attack the tyre.


And cheap!


No problems fitting on the standard rim and brakes.


Ring Phil at Dimboola Stockfeeds and if there is anything else you may need this side of the creation, Phil will have it somewhere in his shop!



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Hi Ben, had a similar problem with my SP. Went through two sets of small trelleborgs, both rubbed on the brake caliper bolts. Looked like the tyres had come out of the mold crooked. Reluctantly switched to the larger wheels (more weight) but the ride when taxiing is much improved and the larger tyres are much more puncture resistant.


Seems the quality control of the smaller trelleborgs has slippped markedly.


Cheers Pete



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Not sure whether the wheel spats can be fitted as we have operated without the spats to have easy access to the tires for bindii caused puncture repair since soon after getting the J120 in April.


The second reason for not fitting the spats is the very sticky nature of our soil when it gets wet or moderately damp and the mud buildup on the wheels and the clogging of any spats in only over a few metres in wet conditions.


[ Having said that; A lot of you know about that really wet period when it rained forty days and forty nights.


Well we got ten points out of that lot! ]


The only reason for the spats not fitting would be the slightly larger diameter of these tires.


The tires are King Tires, 4x4.00, nylon 4 ply tires. Max pressure 39 psi.


They are quite narrow and maybe even narrower than the original tires so lots of clearance between tire and brake disc.


As above they are a 3 rib tread and since fitting these tires we have had no punctures which were a regular occurrence with the original tires and the regular punctures were the reason for removing the spats in the first place.


The first decent summer rain will bring up a new crop of bindii and that will be the decider on how these tires can handle the bindii.


We have found bindii lodged between the tire ribs on the odd occasions in the recent past but have had no punctures since fitting these tires a couple of months ago.



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  • 3 months later...



I have used the 4 ply tyres, using sleeves from tubes to provide enough rubber to stop the caltrop from giving punctures.


Each tyre has 2 sleeves, so the spike has to go through the 4-ply tyre plus 3 tubes, and so far I haven't had a puncture.


I'm not familiar with your prickles, but our caltrop is pretty bad.


cheers, Bruce



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Thanks Bruce, we replaced the 4ply with 6ply some time back, because our strip has quite a sharp metal surface the tyres wear quickly and we've had puntures from 3 corner jacks which are nothing compared to caltrop. I was concerned about ballance and vibration with adding gators although we have placed a gator in the front tyre because we were unable to obtain a 6ply for that.





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I have no idea of the factory test results of the (tractor) tyres. If Horsham is still using them on their A/C that would be a fair test, I would give them a go. Are they legal? You'd be surprised at the number of rec A/C flying with non certified tyres.



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