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The result of "Hatches and harness secure" NOT


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Guys, this is the result of NOT doing you preflight checks properly and in this case of my Gazelle the preflight check of Hatches and Harness secure - the pilot a) did not have his seatbelts on properly and the one he didn't put on he left hanging outside the aircraft AFTER he hade closed the door..


Remember they are there for YOUR safety (and the aircraft owners insurance agency).


The Gazelle can always be fixed but the pilot was lucky that more damage wasn't done to affect the handling characteristics or more importantly the elevator and rudder.

















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yea that happened to our gazelle late last year its not the best thing to happen when your in flight but if the checks were done proply theses events would not of hapen, i now know what your were talking about in the e-mail-ian



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Yes, and its no good giving a perfect recitation of the checklist (copybook) if you dont confirm the required check is actually performed. There is room for a good review here to consider (as a sample)


1. whether the lists could be simplified to absolute essential items & other items be treated as good airmanship.


2.Is a written checklist used as a prompt-response (slow,but possibly effective) the way to go? I personally dont think so.


3. And so on..... the arguments have always been out there We dont have particularly complex situations here, but they are getting more so. the need for a check to be performed should logically flow from & relate to the situation of the aircraft & disciplined attitude to managing the progress of the flight.


Your thoughts please





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i have seen a similar result after the same thing happened in a Piper Archer, the only difference was instead of torn cloth, you had badly dented up aluminium. its amazing how much damage can be done in just 1 very short low speed circuit..



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