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as you all probably know by now, i will be buying a kit in the near


future, and this got me thinking about the requirement for a


building log. i was just thinking if it was possible for a


building log section to be added to this site, i have an account


with a picture hosting and storage site called Smugmug, it very simple


to use, just drag and drop my pics to the page and their automatically


uploaded, i just add my comments and its done,


i was wondering if a similar thing could be set up on this site, to be


used by members to use as their official building log, it would


help builders who are not to interweb savvy like myself, and be


of interest to people considering going through the building process,


and casual observers who wish to follow people on their builds.


im sure a small fee of say $20 a yr would be fair, to help pay for and maintain the builders log part of the site?


what ya think??





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Another method of running a builders log would be to use one of many free photo hosting sites (just google "photo hosting") and then on this site, use the "Insert Hyperlink" button above (the little world with the chain) to link to your chosen photo hosting site. ;)


Alternatively, I believe you can host your log on the RA-Aus Constructors Page, I just haven't looked into how difficult it may be? :confused:





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