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Would you use these website features


What website features would I like to see here  

  1. 1. What website features would I like to see here

    • I would NOT use an online aircraft or pilots log book
    • I would only use an online aircraft log book
    • I would only use an online pilots logbook
    • I would definitly use an online aircraft and pilot log book
    • I have posted a better idea for website features below

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I have been thinking twice about whether to include the features in the new website of an Online Aircraft Log Book and an Online Pilot's Logbook and think that they may not be useful at all to you so you wouldn't use them.


What do you think, would you use them and if not what useful tools could I include in the new website for you?


Please post here so I can make this website even more useful to you.



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Yep, as I suspected so far! So what other features do you want to have - you name it and I will have a look at including it into the web site. Although some form of being able to enter your aircraft details will be needed when I do the flight planner as all aircraft have different figures like TAS etc that are needed to accuratly plan their flight.




The Chat Room has really been the cause of the delay. I had a chat room but wasn't really happy with it - you know me I only want the best that's why I have a CT (now now, no sarcastic comments 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif).


So now I am in the middle of testing two more chat rooms. They have video and sound chat, expensive as well but will be perfect for special events like asking a guest speaker, for example Wally at Bert Floods, to give a talk on different fuels for Rotax engines.


What I am trying to achieve is that forum members can go to one of a number of chat rooms for general text, voice and/or video chats (webcam needed for them) or they can go to the special event chat and actually SEE the guest speaker on their screen without any need for them to have any webcams or anything else and they can type questions to the guest speaker who will answer them by talking and demonstrating. It will really bump up the site traffic costs but I really think it may help a lot of forum members to learn more and contribute to helping other forum members.



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I actually started typing a serious answer and thought no he must be having a go at me:laugh:


Online Aircraft Log Book and Pilot's Log Book - just like your paper versions of your log books but instead of carrying them around with you when you go on trips etc it is always available on-line. Most places these days have internet access so you go online and fill in your logs - under your own login and password offcourse. At various times you would do a print out for your records but the information is always available to you wherever you may be. It also provides for the opportunity to have automated analysis such as graphs of operating expenses for your aircraft, average fuel usage etc etc etc. You would have your key contacts, phone numbers etc for maintenance issues or problems again wherever there is a computer and internet access. You would know from the online pilots log book your hours on type instantly and other analysis tools.


basically, it can be setup to provide any analysis information based on the information that is captured by what data you put into them.


Hope this helps.



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Unfortunately Cecil I havn't seen anything like it as I would be developing it from scratch - creating the database fields, creating the pages etc but if anyone does know of examples I would be very interested to know about them. I know there are electronic Pilot's Log Books applications out there but nothing web based that I know of.



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I can't see that I would ever use the online logbook but I LOVE the idea of the flight planner. If it comes online I will never leave home without my laptop again.


As someone who is often connecting via motel telephone lines in remote places using only dial up access I greatly appreciate any effort to keep download times to a minimum -- thankyou for all the work you are doing.





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CASA'a view on electronic log books:


Requirement to hold a log book


- A pilot must keep a personal log book [Civil Aviation Regulation (CAR) 5.51]


- A log book consists of a number of pages permanently bound together in such a way that pages may not be replaced or removed;


- An electronic record is not acceptable as a log book,


however, a computer printout bound together in the form of a log book and maintained up to date is acceptable;



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Here is one that is a seperate application and therefor not online but never the less there is no reason why a similiar one can not be made for online use.


All computer logbooks essentially operate the same, The difference is …


FLIGHT LEVEL V8.0 will do it better, quicker and easier


* Entire new ICAO civilian and military


* Aircraft database


* Complete airport database (Over 17,000)


* Compound filtering


* Time off / time on block to block or total time choice


* Mistake proof validations


* Instant summaries for applications and 8710 forms


* On-screen Customization…


* Fastest queries of any Logbook


* Currency at a glance


* Due Dates (Medical / BFR / ICC)


* Familiar IE Interface


* Running Totals


* Multiple Pilot Sign In


* Auto Backup and Restore


* Database Merge-Capable


* Auto Entry





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Guest Fred Bear

I would be worried about something like a server crash in this regard. Ie, server goes, some or all of the data may not be able to be recovered. Just a thought...



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I would be worried about something like a server crash in this regard. Ie, server goes, some or all of the data may not be able to be recovered. Just a thought...

- Darren, even with this site the servers are backed up daily so the worst possible scenario is if a restore had to happen you would only lose the days entries - drop your logbook into your relaxing bath after a hard day flying, cigar in one hand, a malt scotch in the other and your logbook on your knees sticking up out of the water with pen in mouth trying to make your entries and suddenly through no fault of your own your log book drops into the bath - you can't find it with your feet amongst all the bubbles and what happens - you lose your entire log book 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gifWell, that's my story Mr CASA man and I am sticking to it.


Oops, just thought of the alternative. Instead of your paper logbook you've got your laptop on your knees and offcourse the battery is flat from using it all day on this site so naturally you plug it into the power point to charge your battery up whilst your filling in your log book....well, you won't be needing a logbook anymore will ya 006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif



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Some time ago there was a forum query about computerised log books and I downloaded one and evantually loaded all my times except glider times int it, what a long job, but it does keep a good record which can be made to give times in any one aircraft or type or any other info you can think of.


I have kept my ultralight times on a spreadsheet, and also keep the mandatory paper logs.


Don't think an online log would interest me.



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