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Well I have to say that the Gazelle would have to be the most easiest aircraft to land - words would fail me how to say that any stronger. In flightsim you can cheat by pressing the "Land Me" code but in real life the Gazelle almost has the same feature. I have a flown a few different aircraft, not as many as alot of others but I have yet to find anything like the Gazelle.


Now the telex headset, yes they are comfortable and I can only compare them to general non ANR DCs and Bose. I would say that at this stage having not gone on a long trip I would say the Bose are much lighter and therefore more comfortable - the most I have used the bose on is a 3.5hr non stop trip. I will be able to make a better comparison with the Telex after a long trip as well.


For sound quality the Telex is better then the Bose plus the Telex has a mobile phone and CD player/IPOD etc inputs (seperate so you can have both at once). The Bose is powered by a 9v battery and is shocking if the battery goes flat in flight although it lasts 40+ hours and has an auto shut off if you accidentaly leave them on. The Telex also has auto shut off and uses 4 AA batteries - life expectancy is quoted at 40+ hours but that is still to be proven. What I also like about the Telex is they come with a power lead that connects to the cig lighter if you have one (I know theycome standard in the CT) - easily added if you don't have one, so you do not ever have to worry about batteries and they are such a small drain on the aircraft power system that they won't be a problem.


The new website will progressively have comparison articles in more detail for example one would be "The battle of the High End Headsets" where we will compare head to head the telex 50 Digital, the Bose X and the DC 11's plus many more comparison write ups for you.


Anyway, I hope you find this little snippet interesting if you are thinking about high end headsets.



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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi Ian,


I've had a number of long flights flights in a high noise environment using the Telex Stratus 50D. It took one or two flights to get the earpeice pressure right (adjustable) but I have found them extremely


comfortable ,nothwithstanding their apparent bulk.


Noise reduction ...superb.







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