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Tailwinds to Birdsville and Back


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Hey JG,


Another fabulous story & adventure.011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif Keep them coming.


You Savvy blokes have all the fun.


I just wish Tatslotto would come my way then I'd be into it to.







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Guest Mad Dave

G'day JG,


I saw your plane parked there, and intended to say g'day, but every time I went past you weren't around. Maybe next time!





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I have always suspected that some bugger must be getting tail winds all the way when they travel ........ to make up for the headwinds that I always get each way.


And now I know who is the benificiary of my extra fuel and slower trips.


Nice report.


Regards Geoff



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Im gonna have to ask you to stop writing stories like that cause i really dont have the cash to go do a trip myself at the moment, but i also really dont have the willpower to stop myself from flogging the credit card!


Great reading by the way.Ive only done a small amount of "outback" flying so far, but i loved every minute....





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Yeh, it's not easy to afford all this fun, but this sort of adventure flying is TOP life priority for me, and everything else must take second place.


I drive a $600 car so that I can own a $50k aircraft.


I'm semi-retired, live on my own really lean and basic in a corner of my workshop and rent out the house, so I can afford the freedom to fly away like this.


Those trade-offs suit me just fine, so I'm making the best of it while I can....





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