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Sunday 8th November Wedderburn Open Day


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Don’t miss the opportunity to see the action and displays at the NSW


Sport Aircraft Club’s Wedderburn Airfield, just south-east of Camden.


The NSW SPORTS AIRCRAFT CLUB is an association of aviators interested in fostering


and developing flying and sport aviation in the Sydney Basin and is the home to a large


group of like-minded enthusiasts located in a congenial bush environment. We have an


open day each year to share our passion with the community.


A further aim of our open day is to demonstrate to the local community our desire to be a good


neighbour. To support this aim, a variety of community based organisations as well as local aviation


businesses are invited to participate and promote their particular speciality at our bush airfield.


Further to this, we believe that your attendance would add to and support that ideal.


If you have access to an aircraft, we invite you to take the opportunity to fly into Wedderburn


on Sunday 8th November. We would certainly value your interest and support.


There are no landing or parking charges for your aircraft and free entry will be provided for yourself and your passengers.











YWBN: S 34 11.2 e 150 48.3









Runway 17/35 950m sealed. Elev: 850ft. LH circuits.






Be aware of the close proximity of R555 to the E.






Check NOTAMS on: NSW Sport Aircraft Club - Wedderburn







UNICOM: on 122.55 MHz Callsign “WEDDERBURN”









As we are expecting a large crowd in excess of 2,000






it would be advisable if you could organise that you arrive






by 10 am and at the conclusion of the day, depart






at around 4 pm.







If you intend to do an “interesting” arrival or departure,






then we would like you to co-ordinate that






with Greg Ackman on 0425 355 500. He will be






managing the sequencing of “special” aircraft.







For general enquiriess call Margaret on 0425 380 966






or David on 0425 380 965.
















Wedderburn Airfield, Lysaght Rd Wedderburn









Take the Appin Road South from Campbelltown and






turn left into Woodland Rd. The trip is approx 10km






from this point. There are two ‘T’ intersections along






the way – turn right at both of them. Continue until you






come to the main gate and continue a further 500m






until you come to our parking attendants. Admission is






$2 for adults & $1 for kids – proceeds to Angel Flight.
















While the day is not an “air show” there will be plenty of






aviation activity including a heart-stopping aerobatic






display at 12 noon by the Aust champion, Richard






Wiltshire; Combat Dragon’s A27 Dragonfly at 1pm;







l39 Albatross from Aircombat; WW2 Harvard trainer









from Curtis Aviation; several historic aircraft from






HARS; Glider and Pawnee tow plane from SC Gliding






Club + Helicopter joy flights.










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If only you had a distinctive aircraft............

I'm sure he'd be only tooooooooooo willing to have an excuse to post another photo if you're not careful!?006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif006_laugh.gif.d4257c62d3c07cda468378b239946970.gif



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Had a great day at Wedderburn. Lots of great aircraft, plenty of interested (and interesting) people, forum members everywhere, and crap weather.


Just got through at Bowral and then into some showers, which hung around all day. Just got out ahead of what loomed as an even larger rain event. Tracked south of Mittagong nearer the escarpment hoping to get around the rain, but ran out of space between the cloud and the ground. Backtracked and went down the escarpment at Wollongong and along the coast until Nowra, then up the Kangaroo Valley and home to much clearer skies.


The only real down side - they had a band playing loud country music all day. Aarrghhh. 086_gaah.gif.afc514336d60d84c9b8d73d18c3ca02d.gif


As promised, at least 2 photos have the Cheetah in them.



















































































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Guest David C

Wow ... looks like a great turn out . I wish I could have been there to meet up with the forum members that made it to Wedderburn , but alas , I'm in Blighty at the moment looking out on leaden skies and most definitely non VFR conditions .. It was my intention to attend the "Icicle Meet " , a Winter fly in at my old local airfield here , Halfpenny Green , but it has been postponed till 21st Nov due to the weather being not cold enough !!!..It is a balmy 7 degs C today afterall ..


Dave C



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