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Kempsey fly in


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Just arrived back on the beach after enjoying the first day of the kempsey fly in.


First impression. Where were all the Raa aircraft? though there were cam and ians savannas a nice flock of trikes. Even a gazelle, 1 jabiru yep just 1. And a visit by a zypher who had an interesting departure. but that was it. We were outnumbered by the VH fleet.


Weather was perfect. Nil wind. Enough high cloud to keep the sun at bay. though on the positive side the trikes were airborne all day as was the brand new citabria and the simply stunning Dhc Dragon.


the best Part was the large crowd of non flyers and young kids. Looks like a few more pilots in the not to distant future.


Pictures will be posted when i get back to a pc in a week or so. Till then hope to see a few more tomorrow..


just 1 last thing. Was that your gazelle ian?



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Finally back to a PC, and have all the pics uploaded from the camera.


The 2nd day was similar to the first, a good crown of locals and kids, though not as many aircraft, but a lot of different people flew in for the Sunday, Over the 2 days there was a good variety of aircraft and people. though again sunday was more the VH fleet with Cessna 180's 172 etc. Surprisingly there was also a Thruster T500 on sunday and more plastic fantastics.


A surprise visitor was the Strikemaster Jet that gave a short aeros display over the field before landing and quickly being mobbed by all the kids with parents in tow. anyway, pics..



The main entrance, and food and drink supply.



pic from same spot looking left, Line up of Austers and the occasional Tiger Moth



A closer look at that tiger, VH-DAD obviously, UN-restored...as in original condition...



Front Cockpit, Love the static free Intercom...the white plastic funnel.



an Auster..J1B



Now THATS an Engine. in the Auster J1B



While looking over the Austers and Tiger Moth, something else arrived......



The workmanship on the restoration was stunning



Being a sheety myself, i can appreciate the work that has gone into making the spats..



Beautiful from every angle..



No comment needed.




Time to continue the walk up the line, the biggest wheels i have ever seen on a trike!!



then i spotted the Australia's first tail dragger Savannah!!!



only to discover Ian had suffered a puncture... or was he secretly testing a stealth tyre that produces its own lift?



The chicken run ? ?



A Brand new Citabria Adventure.. this aircraft only had a total of 12hr TTIS



a Trinidad Tobago? a beautiful leather interior though, and sounded terrific with a big 6 cyl continental.



a Beautifully finished Zyper.



and a drew plenty of attention, unfortunately the owner/pilot had a birdstrike at about 50 ft AGL during takeoff. no damage though, and sadly the bird suffered the indignity of falling to earth in a lifeless death spiral in front of numerous witnesses.



A late afternoon arrival was this V tail Bonanza, which has circumnavigated the globe the proper way, as close to the equator as possible.... a lot of spectators found it hard to believe such a trip was possible in a light aircraft..



another late arrival, and only the 3rd to camp overnight..



another overnight visitor. Auster..



Arrived Sunday Morning to find this! brilliant workmanship in everything he had in the hangar, from BBQ benches, Canoes, and of course aircraft, both real and models.



Panel of above aircraft...



the one and Only Jabiru! overnighted as well, so that adds points. why is it that on the western side of the ranges they are like flies? yet on the eastern side?? only 1 ?



another Sunday arrival, Thruster T500. and sadly the butt of many a joke from the viewing crowd. someone even called it a beach umbrella tangled with a ride on lawn mower.. now thats not nice.. good to see a showing from the more traditional of the ultralight side of flight..



A very nice Piper Pacer arriving Sunday..



Inside the Pacer... is it true that the Piper pacer and Tripacer are eligible for RAAus rego??



one of my favorite aircraft of all time the Cessna 180, well i do have a GA background.



A Glassair arriving



with a panel that means business!!



Sunday arrival.



even some bigger stuff was on display. a piper seneca. it was opened up on saturday.




The arrival of this was a favorite with the kids! and parents alike.



I found this lonely trike in the back of a open hangar..... Trikes can dream too!! ;)



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a few pics of the items found on the non airside of the hangars




I didnt know Honda made a V twin in this configuration?



when i was young, my father had one of those Valiants!



Ford Fairlane! Great movie! ;)



though the MGB is more My style of car, having owned a Austin Heally MkII Sprite... but thats another web forum...



hmmmm Special..



and the once Car of the year, the Torana.


and for the most amazing part of this these posts, every photo was taken on my little mobile phone... and i did get some looks snapping away with a mobile in hand while everyone else had a "real" camera....


all in all i think the Inaugural Kempsey New Yrs Fly in was a success considering the short notice of it going ahead.... and well run by the local SES crews.


will Kempsey become the New Evans Head? or will Evans Head be back next year? and if so, what will happen to Kempsey?


I think the weather kept quite a few away, especially from the south, but the air was calm, and warm, and the ugly looking storms and rain never moved! and looking at the live weather radar, there was also very little rain in the entire coastal area dispite it looking very grey..


If Evans head is back next year, and Kempsey misses out, how about organising some fly away rallies or a poker run, Nav competition etc to Kempsey for a BBQ ??




Ps, all the pics i took of the weekend can be found here





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Great report Rob, thank you for sharing it. These pics are amazing quality for a mobile. I understand from the organising committee that the Great Eastern will be back in Evans Head next year. Your idea of a navex to Kempsey is a good one. Hope someone takes it on board.







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Good onya Rob - great pictures 011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif


Tell me, was that gazelle that popped in a blue one that looks the same as my Avatar? - I checked the book today and my gazelle went for a trip up there.



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