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Getting to Digger's Rest (Melton)


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Hi all, RAA published "Houdini - Centenary of Australian Flight" held at the Melton Airfield Victoria.


Any suggestions on how to fly there from Coldstream/Lilydale VIC with only a RAA certificate? IE no GA endorsements thus no CTA.


What is the easiest, safest, and quickest way to get there?







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Getting to Melton.


You have 2 options.


Go South around the heads of Port Phillip bay, then up towards Lethbridge and then across to Melton avoiding Bacchus Marsh. Watch Avalon CTA), or


Make towards the Kilmore gap and cut across North of The ML CTA . this will bring your track near the airstrips at Romsey, Penfield (Sunbury) and Riddells Creek and you have to be careful to keep below the CTA steps . There is high ground associated with Mt Macedon. Both these routes require familiarity with the area, and preparation, particularly when cloud is present on the northern one. Nev



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I don't think you have to go that far out of the way do you.


Track south west between the Melbourne and Moorabbin steps, this can be done at 2500 (or even 1500 if you want to stay in tight and close to the City), then peel round to the right outside the Melbourne steps. Or you could skirt round the northern side of the steps. Seems pretty straight forward to me. I would follow one of those routes anyway. Chances are that if you asked Melbourne for a clearance direct they would probably route you around and out of the way anyway.



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"Any suggestions on how to fly (to Melton) from Coldstream/Lilydale VIC with only a RAA certificate? IE no GA endorsements thus no CTA."


Hi EJ.


The northern route described in Nev's response is the shorter and perhaps the easier of the two if the wx is ok. But, whether north of south, be aware of those steps and the proximity of both CTA and the circuit traffic of nearby airfields as well as rising ground near Mt Macedon.


I think there will be a few of us going from Coldstream so we might be able to play follow the leader on the day.





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Thanks all for the replies. I look forward in making the trip, weather permitting on the day.


I did think of just driving but then again, why drive when I can fly. :-)


@Kaz, what time will you be flying from Coldstream?



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Seems that kaz is taking the northern route but my choice would be the southern route per donkey. Altona baseball stadium is not easy to identify unless you know it well but Laverton AFB should still be recognisable (see recent pic attached) by then. Set sail towards Ballarat (on a nice day you can see the bumps of a couple of mountains up that way). Mount Cottrell is also hard to identify so when you think it is under your right wingtip look to the north and you should see the town of Melton with the airfield nestled against the foothills a bit further away. As you track towards it the two reservoirs on the left will re-assure you.


I'll be going to Echuca instead for the Australian Light Aircraft Championships.





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