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Why do people grumble about "No Grass Roots support"

Guest Qwerty

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Why is there the occasional grumble about "no grass roots flying support" and "the move away from Grass roots flying".


What is "grass roots flying" anyway. I doubt that anyone here cuts a section of lawn 2 inches deep, turns it up side down and tries to fly it.


From my perspective there is just a bunch of pilots in Oz buying and flying whatever they want...it just so happens that lots of pilots want faster, more expensive and more gadgets. (Not me BTW)


The regulatory framework for all previous classes of aircraft is still in place. It seems that more gadgets will be mandated soon with the requirement for radios everywhere but for the back paddock.


PLEASE EXPLAIN. 034_puzzled.gif.ea6a44583f14fcd2dd8b8f63a724e3de.gif



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I was rather concerned a couple of years back when Rotax announced they were going to discontinue the 503.


Without any of the simple to install engines like the 503 remaining what would happen to the simpler recreational end of Rec Flying - that's the single seaters and low performance 2 seaters. We'd then just have 912's and nothing below that in the much loved reliability and support of the Rotax range.:vis:


Happily I was still able to purchase a new DCDI R503 last year to replace an ancient DCSI R532.







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Guest Maj Millard

Both the latest 503 and 582 are at the height of their development, and if run in correctly initally, as per the instructions, are superb and powerfull engines that will give hundreds of hours of reliable service. To discontinue either whilst there is a market would be a shame....................024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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Sadly the 503s and 582s, like any other 2 stroke will be sacrificed on the green altar in due course.

I wouldn't sell them off short just yet Spin, in some installations the two stroke still has some advantages in power and weight and simply the 912 will be too heavy. BRP has spent a s#*#load of money in developing clean engines for their snowmobiles and outboards. You would probably be already aware that their Evinrude models blitz the emission standards and the 2010 models will be meeting the 4 star criteria. In fact ETEC is now being introduced onto engines as small as 25hp, so I would punt that before too long loop charged direct injection could be offered with an engine of their 503-582 model range. It will certainly be interesting so see how they go...I would bet if there is enough market demand, BRP will deliver.:big_grin:



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my take on it is there are still plenty of routes to take if you want the grass routes options. A lot of the american FAR103 (or FAT103s) fit that category to my mind, as well as things like HI-MAXs and hummelbirds. Not sure if the hummelbirds count or not.



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