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Accident at the oaks today

Guest ozzie

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This evenings seven news showed some footage of a ultralight accident at The Oaks


Stated that a wing came off and the aircraft entered a tail slide. footage showed a white aircaft with the rego number 19-5166 low wing side by side. one wing was nearby, fuse was still intact engine was hanging down 20/30 degrees. pilot and passenger suffered slight injury. RAAUS investigating.


i could not identify the type so i won't guess.





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Guest David C

I have spoken to witnesses of the crash , and they confirm just one occupant , and no injuries ... Ch7 misreporting again !!....



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Is there anymore info on the accident?... with one wing not attached to the aircraft in the news video, it probably gave people the wrong idea...I think the wing was removed to pack the aircraft onto a trailer. I suppose it was either engine trouble and/or just a misfortunate landing. Let us know if you've got more info...


Its best to learn from other peoples mistakes to prevent them from ever happening again.



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Hi Guys,


I haven't seen the news reports, but spoke to an Oaks airport local. It was a landing gone wrong, resulting in damaged aircraft on the runway. The news footage was taken after the removable wing was removed for stowage.


As Dave has said, pilot is OK.







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