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Flying Flea Cargo Plane


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Flying Flea.


Henri Mignets design for the masses. Can not stall, spin or spiral. Henri always considered the graveyard spiral and spin tendencies of ordinary (conventional) aircraft aircraft to be a serious setback as even good pilots were caught out . He never considered himself to be a good pilot.


Flown by use of rudder and wing angle of incidence change alone. Maybe the first true ultralight within economic reach of the ordinary citizen. Many were built and there was a world-wide club, but their reputation was tarnished by some of them bunting over (tail over nose), with some conditions of speed and CofG where the centre of lift moved rearwards.


The cargo plane shown is a fairly "true to principle" flea. Some others have auxiliary pitch control and modifications to overcome the faults evidenced in the earlier models.


Having no aileron control, some builders have fitted spoilers to aid in crosswind landing situations. I have a copy of the original plans written by Henri (in french) which is interesting to peruse, and it could be constructed and flown by people with quite average abilities, from materials that could be obtained from the local hardware store. The best engine was the Scott 2-stroke, which was a specially designed engine for aircraft use (not the one used by the same company in their motorcycles). Some later planes used the Enfield- McCullock engine which looked similar and was used in early autogyros, (like in some of the James Bond films. Nev



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If you haven't already done so, use the link then go to the home page and peruse the site. Some very interesting designs there. Even got a marine section if you're into sailing.


I was particularly taken by the Rohr Delta 2-175 and will be looking at it again for my project.



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In reference to the Rohr aircraft....Desktop... I had you in mind when I posted a thread on it but thought it deserved it's own thread rather than being added to your already existing one of a design along similar(ish) lines...



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