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The MOU with the SAAA

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I notice in the February 2010 magazine that it mentions that an MOU has been executed with the SAAA.


That article gives the basis of the MOU, which all sound reasonable/plausible.


But I wonder why this has (only) been announced in Feb '10 when the MOU runs from end July '09 to end July '10?


Do you know why it has taken 7 months to announce to the members, which is 7 months into the MOU?


Regards Geoff



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MOU. with SAAA


A similar notification was published in the SAAA Mag. I do't read much into this . The original document would have had the dates on it . Any delay in signing would have produced the effect that we have observed. We have had a change of CEO. nev



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If my memory serves me Cap't it was brought up at the November board meeting and voted to accept but I will have to check my records



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