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At last

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Hi all I am excited to announce I have my own plane...


Nothing flash, But a Zenith CH 601 HD. Aircraft has been damaged in a landing mishap where the nose-wheel collapsed but the aircraft is very repairable.


Has 303 hours TTIS same as for the 80 HP Rotax Certified engine, some instruments are new and some old but as for the general outlook, all will be well with alot of TLC.


Pictures to come.



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Well I am wet around the pants and would like to hear your advice on a few things.


My intentions are for a full strip of the fuzz and replace most of the bits as the aircraft was un officially involved in another incident (kink behind the port wing in the longeron) not a part of this incident and the engine mount was also repaired (badly)


so I will have to drill out all rivets and inspect, clean, paint strip and re prime (maybe even replace most parts)


I will do the same for a the wings and most other components.


Will also remove all instruments and fuel components and re assemble with new parts where needed (all fuel lines will be replaced)


When it is finished re paint White.


Why you ask, well you need to see for your selves. the A/C is in a fairly poor state and was not really looked after (built) well.. so for my own piece of mind this is what I want to do. it wont cost anything to do (except my time) and a few sheets of aluminum and some stock.


So now I need to learn how to do all of this properly and safely, so who is out there who is willing to give me a helping hand to diss assemble (or come over and give me pointers) assemble, and do the general help the man with no idea thing ;)


Also I am hoping to gain my level 2 accreditation from this ? can this be done ?


With the engine I will need someone who can inspect it and sign off that it is airworthy again after a prop strike (to keep certification) but would also like to do it myself to get my level 2 accreditation so I can do it in the future.


So as you can see I need lots of advice on where to get A/C grade aluminum, What paint stripper to use and how to do it, and special requirements in doing so, how to cut aluminum without getting microscopic cracks yada yada yada...


sorry for rambling, am trying to type fast as I am about to leave for my first holiday in 12 years in about 30 minutes.


Thank god for the iphone now I will be able to post on the move ;)



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Congratulations Adrian, I can understand why you're so excited. Plenty of work ahead I suspect, but it will be a good learning exercise and you'll have a good honest little plane at the end of it, set up exactly the way you want it.


Can't help you with the questions re L2 etc, suggest you have a good look at the RA Aus tech manuals and then ring RA Aus (Steve Bell?) for the finer details.



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Guest drizzt1978

I think you have the correct mindset. My advice and I have NO Experience on building planes. But do one thing at a time. If it is anything like a car, you can get so many things happening you loose focus. I suggest if you strip it, and a great idea, everything is labeled like crazy, what every is necessary so there is zero confusion as to what you took off and what goes where. Then i would attack it one obstacle at a time, Engine Mount, done. Engine done, Nose assembly done, firewall checked, done, And work over it in a logical order. And don't do any other projects except the plane! Will expect to see you at Tooradin when it is done.



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Guest Cloudsuck

Nice work Adrian, congratulations! Please please please be very careful regarding the canopy on these aircraft and other structures. They have been killing people all over the world including here. I think there are some mods that need to be done. I know that they were all grounded by the FAA in the states at one time. See http://rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgSAIB.nsf/(LookupSAIBs)/CE-10-08?OpenDocument



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