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  1. Our Prime Minister along with his happy clapper church have been praying for rain. Maybe they aren't praying loud enough? Still many aircraft in Victoria not being used on fires in NSW and QLD
  2. To the bottom, the gloss has well and truely worn off. Pay and conditions are still going down in this country. With the recent change in work Visa's there are more foreign pilots being employed when locals are unemployed. It's not just aviation, wages have been stagnant for over 30 years, the bulk of Australians are worse off.
  3. My reply might have bin a bit fatuous. I have better things to do than trawl online for legal cases which will require the retention of a legal adviser just to try and find what is actually said in 50,000 words that could have been said in 20 words. We have reached a stage where US attorneys now envy Australia on litigation.
  4. What sort of person would sue for not receiving advice? By that logic if the driver had an accident by driving on the wrong side of the road, the person who said you can get that part on the other side of town would be liable for NOT telling the driver to stay left on the road?
  5. Seek legal redress through a class action, what a great suggestion. Call Blackman Turner Overdrive or whoever it is is advertises on TV then pay 60% of the payout so if 2000 join the class action you'll only owe $1000 each. Just what the world needs, more legal parasite action.
  6. French Reims/Cessna originally produce the Wren? Sure there were a couple in Oz. Not a fecesbook person so can't access that.
  7. If you have unlimited funds then you can get the result you want through "Proper process". A couple of barristers arguing for 3 days about the definition of a single word at $10,000 a day each, fair and reasonable? The law does not catch all those who transgress.
  8. It does have some dihedral then, quite a pretty design. Never seen one before. Looking at that last image it looks to be a powered conversion of a glider.
  9. I know it's the only law we have but as you know it can be an ass. The fact still remains that those jailed (with lawyer x) for bad crimes still did those crimes, they are still bad men.
  10. Don't know about eastern block designs but anything made in the west in the last 50 years or so the seat design has to meet certain crash standards.
  11. SS it's hard to work out what you are trying to say. Are you saying anybody that has a desire should be able to fly without any pesky exams or check flights? Are you saying SS that those dropouts you mention in that flight school would be OK to have a flying career if they didn't have to do pesky exams? Everybody is suited to pilot an aircraft no matter what coordination, motor skills or mental capacity you have?
  12. Those flap levers mounted up on the roof are not user friendly, Austers had a similar setup and used to give all sorts of trouble with the lockout button. A lot of Storch features, many of the Oz made one still flying? At a guess over 100K?
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