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  1. Been flying since 1978, then a submitted plan was a requirement even for private ops. When they deleted the mandatory requirement I ceased submitting plans, probably only submitted half a dozen since and that was only because it was an airspace requirement. When I fly now plans can change so I only have a rough plan, really only keep an eye on endurance and the rest takes care of itself. You can overplan with groundspeed and track checks every 10 minutes.
  2. Except Ag aircraft, survey machines, firebombers and the odd drone I've seen Mirages, Skyhawks, Hunters, F111's, and Hornets flying through at AG operating height. They were pretty switched on especially the F111's, very regular vistors 2 or 3 times a week and often a trailing pair.
  3. Survey pilots are used to heavy workload. 210's are getting pretty long in the tooth and being heavily loaded with survey equipment and severe turbulence, my guess would be structural failure, depending on equipment 206 and 210 on survey are usually loaded over gross. Survey should be flown with turbine aircraft not 40 year old worn out piston aircraft with 30,000+ hours and no aircon and cockpit temperatures of 45C+. There are some modern machinery used for survey but not the norm
  4. Just a Jodel, with some fluff on it, seems there's lots of people copying aircraft and calling them their own design. Good example is the guess this aircraft thread, many machines are copied off a recognised design and given a different name.
  5. Why the obsession with Wellcamp? Why not out Melbourne and Sydney's cartel actions?
  6. This thread a Wagner bash fest?
  7. Been a while since I've sat in a 185, 206, 210 or Agwagon but from distant memory they don't have fuel pressure only flow. Same with Fletcher, Brave, they only have fuel flow.
  8. With GA there is a mustering endorsement, anything similar in RAA? What is the syllabus for low level endo with RAA?
  9. Red, looks like a Whitman Tailwind derivative
  10. Gere biplane, looks rooly good. Where is it based? There is a bloke locally who flew a Fisher Biplane with one of those Rotec radials, sounded VERY good, he had a bit of an incedent down Tyabb way n bent it, not sure if it's going again yet.
  11. Silly people, don't theyknow you can only fly into places like that with a tailwheel and gigantic tyres? For those that couldn't tell that was a sarcastic comment. A 182 is an underated bush machine.
  12. Mustang at Illawarra hangar mebe? They had a drogue towing contract I think, was it Craig Breedlove that pranged IVI when the canopy came off? The hangar with the Tiger looks a bit like Marshals? That was opposite and along one from hangar 17 of Air Ags. Lottsa stuff in there from a couple of Spits, a 109G and an Oscar, used to have a Lockheed 12 parked out the front in the early 80's. Ceres looks a bit out of place there.
  13. If you would have shown the whole airstrip it would have been clear with the fire bomber base at the other end, you can however see a red trail from the retardant overflowing as the bombers accelerate.
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