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  1. Red, looks like a Whitman Tailwind derivative
  2. Gere biplane, looks rooly good. Where is it based? There is a bloke locally who flew a Fisher Biplane with one of those Rotec radials, sounded VERY good, he had a bit of an incedent down Tyabb way n bent it, not sure if it's going again yet.
  3. Silly people, don't theyknow you can only fly into places like that with a tailwheel and gigantic tyres? For those that couldn't tell that was a sarcastic comment. A 182 is an underated bush machine.
  4. Mustang at Illawarra hangar mebe? They had a drogue towing contract I think, was it Craig Breedlove that pranged IVI when the canopy came off? The hangar with the Tiger looks a bit like Marshals? That was opposite and along one from hangar 17 of Air Ags. Lottsa stuff in there from a couple of Spits, a 109G and an Oscar, used to have a Lockheed 12 parked out the front in the early 80's. Ceres looks a bit out of place there.
  5. If you would have shown the whole airstrip it would have been clear with the fire bomber base at the other end, you can however see a red trail from the retardant overflowing as the bombers accelerate.
  6. I picked up my ASIC no charge, I think Post Offices no charge to pick up ASIC?
  7. So your not criticising the inaction of the last 6ish years of Coalition (looked it up) but what Labour "Might" do? The privatisation of commonwealth airfields and the ASIC debarcle are 2 things the Libs and Nats have done (under lil Johnny) to help CASA wreck GA.
  8. I have been a bit jaded so not sure, aren't Libs and Nats in power? Meaning they have the power to do something with CASA? Why blame somebody in opposition for no action if the people who are in control won't do anything to rein in CASA? Am I missing something?
  9. Albo's fault as usual, not being in power for more than a few years you'd think he would have fixed CASA by now CASA is running out of flying aircaft to regulate so the are moving into a growth industry, regulating drones.
  10. I think CASA OK's ipones as a second source for maps/charts, I recon too small for my oldfart eyes. I use ipad air, ipone too small when your trying to get more info like tapping on to get airfield details n such.
  11. Student Pilot


    Yes turning stalls are different to straight ahead, you can show signs of a turning stall without doing a full blown upside down white knucle recovery. The point I'm getting at is if you can recognise the approach of a stall either straight or turning then spin training is unneccesary, CASA must think the same way, that's why spin training is not required. I do think that aerobatic training including spins helps pilots with their skills but it's not for everyone. Sscbd, there are times when practicing something that is unlikely to happen is dangerous, 2 engine failures on 1 wing on a 707 over Bass Straight is one example, the investigators said it was like practicing to die, you only have to do it once.
  12. With all the cross litigation the biggest part of the cost will be lawyers fees and charges, just the photcopying bill (at $50 a sheet or whatever they charge) would be in the millions