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  1. I kind of expected him to have had a engine failure considering his engine has been overheating for months, but no just bad decision making landing with the wind. This is he second time he has crashed a plane. I am not sure i would fly with him.
  2. I think you can get the NAV without controlled airspace but you do need the radio endorsement which basically comes with your RAA training. The english test i believe is needed for controlled airspace. Cost is all relative as flying is all competency based. I did RPC in 20.5 Hours (i think 20 is min). Navs i have done 2x with instructor 1x solo and now up to the flight test each averages around 3-4 hours but depends on school and location. Each hour is about $230ph (i won't add it up i don't want to know) Can rent for as low as $189ph endorsements Radio, Pax, NW, HF With
  3. @Bosi72 Thanks for the links they will come in handy. Thanks to all, i am in the process of finalising my NAVS so should have this sorted by the time I start on the RPL . After that the next steps will be plane shopping.
  4. @KRviator Thank you for the input. Got the ball rolling with ASIC, Medical and Forms. Will check out some of the local schools.
  5. I've recently finished my RPC and Navs and looking to do the conversion to RPL. Just wanted some recommendations around where to go and whats involved.
  6. Ive Just done my second nav so by no means a master. I find a combination of time and visual reference helps. I write the sequence of frequencies in the margin of the plan as they would come based on your. Trip. it Is also a good way of knowing what to set the next frequency too. Then just use time and visual references on your chart to know.
  7. Bird Strike If ostriches could fly.
  8. The organisers should at least refund the portion of the ticket that would have contributed to the raffle. Whats that saying they drum in to us all “Failure to plan is planning to fail”. There possibly should have been more contingencies in the event organisation.
  9. First solo was a interesting one, had been doing all my training in a J170. Had my mind set that my first solo would be around the 15hour mark. The day started with the J170 out for service so opted to try the J230 with the guidance of the instructor assuming it would just be some circuit training given I was at about 12.5 hours. After about 3 circuits the instructor asked me to do a full stop and proceeded to tell me time for your first solo. Never thought I would be so soon in the training and had no idea would be in the faster more powerful J230. Though looking back it was a great lesso
  10. Hey Mate, if I am correct, I would like to thank you for your Youtube videos. They were instrumental in getting me though my training. Was a great resource to see how things go as well as benchmark my experience during training.
  11. The school I have been with teaches basically from downwind leg after the threshold we do glide approaches. It is a great skill to have and I like the fact that in worst case it is something I have been practising with every landing.
  12. Thanks Possum ? That advice is golden and exactly what I am after it really give me a good idea around of ownership and flying is like. Seems they are a good option and as you say there will always be something to maintain but that is part and parcel of the age of the aircraft. I appreciate the comment and will start looking in to some of your points. Thanks
  13. I have been learning in the Jabs, the best one for space and usable weight has been the Jabiru 170 at 320ish empty kilos it gives enough for fuel and passenger but the storage is limited. The jabiru 230 has the same MTOW the added weight of the engine makes fuel capacity along with passenger marginal. I don’t mind the slings and a four seater may be the trick. I think shares have their benefits but always wonder how well those arrangements go. Heard some horror stories with different personalities in share arrangements.
  14. Agreed, but seating is not an issue I don’t think there would ever be a time where I would want to fly with more than two people. I’m not looking for the biggest I can afford just something that has decent usable weight giving some flexibility. The main issue is that being 6,3ft and 100 kilo with passenger around the same my usable weight is chewed up pretty quick particularly in RAA. Even with the weigh increase I would have to look beyond the usual fleet. My thoughts on the pipers is that they offered decent cabin space along with carrying capacity I would need to achieve my goals. Plus they
  15. Was a great event. Here are some pics taken by #theaussietrekka . I will be looking forward to the next event.
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