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  1. Gidday Blackhawk799. Congrats on your journey so far. Firstly, there are no stupid questions in aviation. No one knows everything. Better to ask and live than assume and pay the price. Some really good advice on this thread. Please be aware of the following. 1. The RAAus Tech Form 13 is NOT a certification of airworthiness. 2. Have the owner perform a "Desktop" audit. Create a list of all applicable maintenance tasks that "should" have been carried out on the aircraft (Aircraft Maint Sched & SBs, Engine Maint Sched & SBs, Prop Maint Sched & SBs, RAAus
  2. Flightrite is correct. Its like buying a used car. High hours and hi useage is always a consideration, however if I maintain the aircraft IAW the maintenance schedule, and have a good attitude towards airworthiness, then all aircraft should be as "Airworthy" as each other regardless of their age. Try this process. Years ago there was an auction and part of the auction was an old Piper Pacer. It needed recovering and a new engine. The instrumentation was typical of the era and the interior was fair. I started looking at what the average price of similar aircraft were and then disc
  3. Hi Skippy, cscotthendry is well on the right track. The purpose of an aircraft maintenance schedule is to keep the aircraft in an "Airworthy Condition". What this means is that you will most likely never keep the aircraft in the condition it was the day it was built because of the aging process, coupled with normal wear and tear, accidents and incidents and the last is the owners attitude towards airworthiness. Lets look at these parts briefly. AGING AIRCRAFT. Since manufacture everything on this planet ages. Aircraft are no different. The Cessna SIDS program is one manufact
  4. lee-wave, Hi from down-under. Please excuse my ignorance but i am not familiar with the UK Regulations. What is a NPPL and does the UK have a system for people to fly Light Sport Aircraft without having a PPL?
  5. Hi Jerry_A. Cool. EASA is an interesting animal for sure. BreezyLog allows any pilot to download the details of any aircraft they have flown (that is on the BreezyLog system). As you would be aware, software development is a living animal and takes up many nights. As a LAME myself, I wanted BreezyLog to alert the owners LAME (maintainer) to what is coming up. As the pilot enters their flight information in "Real Time" on their phone or tablet, when a scheduled maintenance task gets within 20%, an email is sent to the owner and any authorised maintainer alerting of the impending maint
  6. Hey BirdDog. Understand your concern. No one wants to go broke but as you said, big or small all can fall. BreezyLog allows the user with the click of 1 button to download the entire Aircraft Records including ADs, in a .pdf in a format that is compliant with CAO 100.5(3). You can do this as many times and as often as you like and store the file as your own back-up.
  7. Hi SLB. Breezylog is outstanding for flying schools and clubs. but it is also excellent for the private owner. Some extra benefits for the private owner is that you can track your BFR, Medical (if applicable), registration and insurance renewal date. At our flying school, we used to use Excel and it was comprehensive BUT every week, we had to add the hours, correct the errors and enter them into Excel. Now our pilots just use Breezylog on their phone or tablet, enter their flights and the aircraft records (including all components fitted to the aircraft) are updated. Maintenance forec
  8. Hi M61A1. I am also ex-military and spend a few years in the Middle East helping the Oman Air Force move from a Cardex system to full digital. Breezylog contain a "Parts Store" where any component (even consumables) can be loaded and tracked. Their serviceability state can be controlled and you can update the overhaul or inspection action. Documents such as release notes and maintenance reports can be uploaded against the specific items. We even have an "Aircraft Assembly" function that will show you the current "Build" of the aircraft by ATA locations showing which component is fitte
  9. Hi Jackc, thanks for alerting to the Spanish thing? Are you able to provide a link where this happens please. We have not looked at Europe yet :-) You are correct, the $499 for the Setup is a detailed review of your Aircraft, Engine, Propeller and any other identified equipment that may have ICAW (Instructions for continuing airworthiness) by their serial number (i.e. your aircraft). I understand your concern for 3rd party data, however it is currently the only way for the system to be used to allow maintainers and other pilots access the system to update flights and maintenance activi
  10. Hi Thruster88. Correct. The Template provided is specific for your Aircraft, Engine, Propeller and any other components you identify by their Serial Number. Correct again in that it is a list of all scheduled maintenance requirements for the aircraft and identified components. The template is to provide the owner with awareness of what is required in order to maintain their aircraft not only IAW the regulations but for improving safety. Many LSA manufacturers have less than useful websites and we contact them direct to obtain the required info for our customers.
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