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  1. I followed this advice. She said that she would only give it to another CFI, which I found ridiculous. I instructed a lawyer.
  2. Thanks Franco. I am somewhat relieved in a way, that I don't have to travel large distances. I think Susan's instruction was sufficient but it wasn't the greatest, and I realise just like with my teeth, I need to spend that extra to find someone who I'm comfortable with. This may be easier to say in retrospect, but I wasn't sure about my life being in her hands in all honesty. I do need a male teacher, and having said that, I want someone who is going to be 100% honest with me. I'm glad I've had this experience. Thank you for your insight, and many others on here. It's been such a mental
  3. Check with? http://pmaviation.com.au/yarrawonga-flight-training/
  4. She isn't the CFI. Her de-facto is though. So I didn't bother trying to reason with him because you know, I figured he'd side with her anyway. I think there were only 3-4 instructors including them both there anyway, so if she didn't want to, presumably her husband is a no, and if she didn't the other two to train me - it's gonna roll like that.
  5. Thanks for your "assessment". I am certainly capable of flying.
  6. Thanks for your advice. The saddest part of it all is that this school offered the most economical price in terms of RAAus instructors, the proximity to the school, the need not to get an ASIC clearance and medical. Now I have to go through the hoops of doing these, plus probably pay an extra $100 dollars for a different training aircraft as the new one doesn't offer the Tecnam I started in. These things add up. It's also the depression of not knowing. Most persons I have had difficulties in life had the maturity to tell me what I've done wrong, at very least, and if they're kind enough t
  7. Sounds scary. Fortunately I found this: http://www5.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_reg/car1988263/s256a.html Still nothing definitive about the presence of pets in the clubrooms, however.
  8. A pilot at the airport has a regular habit of bringing their two dogs by ute to the airport, where it just lounges around in the offices/common area. Sometimes even accompanies them to cockpit, secure areas of the airport? Surely this isn't allowed? Would anyone be able to assist me in finding the specific regulation if it is/isn't allowed?
  9. Flying an aeroplane was something I definitely wanted to learn how to do. It isn't my greatest passion. But I still wanted to do it, so I enrolled at Secure Air Flight Training in Shepparton. It was perfect, the airport is less than a 10 minute walk away and I had hoped to have regular lessons. I had three flights, basically teaching me the basics of the controls, turns, and climbs and descends. I had booked in for my fourth lesson. This is where it got a bit strange. The instructor, Susan informed me that she would advise me on the weather before she'd inform me on the date, but I never
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