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  1. It plugs in, USB charger. As I said it’s about once a week for me on average, so not too bad. Also you can update it wirelessly or via USB for the nav database updates. I think that’s standard for the Garmin smart watches as the plug is the same. My last watch was wireless charge but used a proprietary mag connector so still a hassle as you still could not use a standard wireless charging pad. Either way at home we’re always doing the USB shuffle given none of the myriad of devices can share a freaking charging standard, although it’s somewhat better now apple has come to
  2. I have the d2 air, got it for Xmas. it’s been fantastic to date. I replaced an android watch with it and the battery life has been a revelation in comparison. I generally charge it once a week. when you’re not using it for the air part it’s a standard Garmin fitness / smart watch so tracks all the relevant activities you do to your Garmin account / phone and gives your notifications etc. This is the divisive part as some people love the Garmin fitness watches and some hate them. Personally my other half hated hers (standard not d2) and returned it in less than a week so I was app
  3. This really shows the impact of mindset / preparation on flying in IMC, it’s not hard if you’re trained and prepared, but what he is discussing here is the impact of surprise and not being prepared on his mental state. Off he saunters for a vfr leg, ends up in the soup and all of a sudden has no airspeed and things get hairy fast. He’s more lamenting that he backed himself into the corner in the first place. He’s made the right decisions (kill the automation, declare, get a plan to get down and then troubleshoot) and came out unscathed but it shows how quickly your cognitive abilit
  4. Good point Scott, I’d forgotten about the lack of gps on wifi only iPads. For the $200 difference I’d just buy the stratux kit, build it and then you get gps and ADSB in and the traffic on OzRunways from it too. I’ve found using that also helps the battery on the iPad out a lot, although tbh it can be a pain to remember to bring along when renting as at least the iPad gets remembered due to me using it to plan and submit notifications.
  5. No worries. https://ozrunways.tenderapp.com/kb/frequently-asked-questions/which-gps-do-you-recommend
  6. Sure can (note I use a stratux box so ymmv depending on what you have) but it works fine with no cellular connection, and much more accurate than the internal gps.
  7. One of the other things to consider when thinking about cost effectiveness of your training is that you will have different requirements / a learning style that suits you and that just because one place is cheaper than the other doesn't mean it will be more cost effective or cheaper in the long run. There's plenty of forum posts / topics on the internet for you to google on this, but one thing that you can't under emphasise is the requirement for you to feel comfortable and able to learn effectively with your instructor and chosen school / club. I have burned a lot of money and hours in the pa
  8. Agree 100% to not being a complete answer, and the book doesn’t always say pull caps. Smoke and Fire Cabin Fire In Flight 1. Bat-Alt Master Switches ........................................ OFF, AS REQ’D 2. Fire Extinguisher............................................................ACTIVATE If airflow is not sufficient to clear smoke or fumes from cabin: 3. Cabin Doors ...................................................... PARTIALLY OPEN Airspeed may need to be reduced to partially open door in flight. 4. Avionics Power Switch ..........................................................
  9. I’ve been lurking here for a while but only just decided to post, so hello everyone. I find the BRS debate interesting and found myself thinking about this particular incident and if as a last resort it would have made a difference, and to SplitS post if its there and available, I’m pulling. What it doesn’t do is address the root cause of this problem, which is also a wide and varied debate. Some perspective on BRS from my experience is that I’ve found my attitude changing over time as I’ve had my mission and priorities change. In the early days I thought I was invincible, and well a parach
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