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  1. Am I correct in presuming that any fuel or engine mechanical issue would affect one engine first and thus give the crew some time to take recovery action?. Is it possible that atmospheric conditions above a very hot fire would be so low in oxygen as to stop all engines at once? Obviously turbines at high altitude operate at very low oxygen concentrations OK. Just thinking not judging. These were a professional crew operating an aircraft and in a hazardous environment with which they were very familiar. Such a tragedy for all involved. We owe the aviators who put themselves at risk on our behalf so much. RIP
  2. try them with a known m5 bolt, if you get the same result your bolts are probably miss labled I've had a bolt place supply me with the wrong ones
  3. Sounds to me like trying to force a M5 bolt into a 10-32 nut plate. The threads are very close but not identical 'dems my thoughts
  4. Thanks Bex for the heads up, We all do wish you tails winds from here on
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-49773399
  6. I had a good demonstration of how to fly this morning. Over a 300m stretch while I was cycling at around 20kph a magpie doing his Stuka impersonation managed to swoop/bomb me 7 times. First signs of approach is a whistle of air followed by an audible "bang" as he deployed his air brakes. Hard to tell if the noise was purely the bird or partly from a slight impact on helmet or shoulder. Steep climb away into a 45 degree procedure turn finishing with a stall turn and return bomb run;- another "bang" and he peels off for a neat full stop on a post for a re appraisal of the situation. The repeat as before. Way beyond the abilities of either a Sopwith or a F35. Precision flying par excellence. I
  7. OOps!! and apologies to you Ian, my bad I had completely failed to notice that the "forums" listing appeared in a panel on the right side of the screen. best wishes and apologies for wasting your time David Hill
  8. Hi Ian Loads and looks fine. My old eyes, however, would appreciate a more bold and blacker font for the body text of the site. and the "Forums" button on the Off Topic page works OK but not on the Rec Fly page. cheers and thanks for all the grand effort.
  9. Is it possible to safely use 18mm coolant hose where Rotax calls for the difficult to source 17mm? many thanks
  10. The FAA allows ferry or re positioning flights without passengers.
  11. If I need to use my right hand for anything including flaps then left hand on the stick works well. If correctly trimmed there should be no need to touch the stick for the interval needed to adjust the flaps certainly attitude changes with flap setting changes but not violently nor dramatically enough that no hand on the stick creates any potential hazard. Skyranger is a very benign aircraft to fly and any in likely atmospheric upset a trimmed Skyranger will return to its original condition without any control imputs
  12. True Skippy, But my concern is/was that every time that this system is used at some point the fuel/air mixture would be at a potentially explosive ratio. Whereas with other systems the gas mixture in both the receiving and the delivering containers would be too rich at all times. cheers
  13. I used a foot operated lilo pump to pressurise a jerry can and it worked exceedingly well. That is until I thought about it a bit more Thoughts being 1 liquid fuel is not explosive 2 fuel-vapour is not explosive 3 fuel-vapour/air mixture is explosive 4 pressurised fuel-vapour/air mixture is a potential flame thrower. With those thoughts in mind I went back to decanting liquid fuel from jerry can into Mr Funnel into aircraft.
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