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  1. If I need to use my right hand for anything including flaps then left hand on the stick works well. If correctly trimmed there should be no need to touch the stick for the interval needed to adjust the flaps certainly attitude changes with flap setting changes but not violently nor dramatically enough that no hand on the stick creates any potential hazard. Skyranger is a very benign aircraft to fly and any in likely atmospheric upset a trimmed Skyranger will return to its original condition without any control imputs
  2. hihosland

    Silly aviation pictures.

    Flying by wire?
  3. hihosland

    Silly aviation pictures.

    took me a while
  4. hihosland

    Spill Resistant Refueling ??

    True Skippy, But my concern is/was that every time that this system is used at some point the fuel/air mixture would be at a potentially explosive ratio. Whereas with other systems the gas mixture in both the receiving and the delivering containers would be too rich at all times. cheers
  5. hihosland

    Spill Resistant Refueling ??

    I used a foot operated lilo pump to pressurise a jerry can and it worked exceedingly well. That is until I thought about it a bit more Thoughts being 1 liquid fuel is not explosive 2 fuel-vapour is not explosive 3 fuel-vapour/air mixture is explosive 4 pressurised fuel-vapour/air mixture is a potential flame thrower. With those thoughts in mind I went back to decanting liquid fuel from jerry can into Mr Funnel into aircraft.
  6. hihosland

    Who bought the farm?

    Wing and a prayer six o'clock high
  7. Fred did say " They have already proposed a seperate yearly medical at 75 which was only removed from the proposed ops manual after it was pointed out that a yearly medical is already required for a driver’s licence. I say watch closely. " Being 75+ When I renewed my membership online last week, I was forced to upload a Dr's certificate before I could proceed further with the renewal process
  8. hihosland

    Silly aviation pictures.

    life's little stresses
  9. hihosland

    Good news story about a Wirraway

    PS http://nzcivair.blogspot.com.au/2008/12/from-shoe-box-1.html
  10. hihosland

    Good news story about a Wirraway

    from a NZ data base CA28-9 ZK-BZO WFU after F/L from fuel exhaustion near Pahiatua Track, Tararua Ranges, 17Jan72. Stored Wellington; to M Nicolls at Ohakea for rebuild as Wirraway. to Australia for Paul Wheeler, Qld
  11. hihosland

    Good news story about a Wirraway

    Silverstream, Upper Hutt (04) 563 7348 Silver Stream Railway | Railway Heritage Museum and Steam Train Rides, Upper Hutt, Wellington, NZ
  12. hihosland

    Yak at Wanaka video

    Plane crashes at Warbirds opening apologies for wrong thread, I can't see how to delete post or move
  13. hihosland

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    the box my Skyranger came in?
  14. on final check GPS ground speed against airspeed